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05 September 2010 | Posted by Equipo Editorial de Branding Strategy

The must read books for Brand Community Management

We have the pleasure to welcome the participants for the new edition of BCM, Brand Community Management, Postgraduate Course BES La Salle 2010 with a selected booklist. The list has been compiled by the BCM faculty, from its well-known professors and key note speakers.

It is a must read books list. It is one of the essential tools to get the best out of the BCM Postgraduate course. These are books that online brand managers, social media managers, brand community managers or just someone who’s job it is to protect the brand reputation of its customers or his own company should have and have read.

The list will be continuously assessed and updated so keep coming back to be fully up-to-date.

The must read books for the THINK module (Online Branding in social media: Strategies for creating brand reputation online)

  • Dra. Gemma Vallet, director of BCM, teacher responsible for the THINK BCM module recommends:

Dave Evans, “Social Media Marketing: An Hour a Day”. Paperback

"Claves del nuevo márketing" V.V.A.A. http://www.clavesdelnuevomarketing.com/

  • Dr. Xavier Lorenz, CEO of innuo,  and BCM social media crisis communications key note speaker recommends:

Daniel Solana, “Postpublicidad”, www.postpublicidad.com

  • J.M. Pérez Marzabal, Internet Lawyer and eBusiness Legal Strategist at  modern thinking networks and key note speaker in Law for branding in social media recommends:

Lawrence Lessig , “Code: And Other Laws of Cyberspace”. Version 2.0, Basic Books,  http://codev2.cc/ The must read books for the CREATE module (creativity, design and copywriting for today’s online brands)

  • David Brown, executive creative director at aisBrandLab and teacher responsible for the CREATE BCM module, recommends:

David Airey, “Logo Design Love”. http://www.logodesignlovebook.com

  • Victor Puig , Director de Reputación y Contenidos en Overalia and BCM online copywriting teacher, recommends:

Andy Beal, "Radically Transparent" (http://www.radicallytransparent.com/). Editorial Sybex.

The must read books for the MAXIMIZE module (Maximizing your online brand presence: Brand positioning SEO & SMO, Web analytics, SEM Search Engine Marketing, SMM Social Media Marketing)

  • Dr. Ricardo Baeza-Yates, VP of Research for EMEA & Latinoamerica Yahoo! and BCM Key note speaker, recommends:

James Surowiecki, "Wisdom of the Crowds" (2004).

  • Juan Pablo Bustos, Partner ubiqua and BCM Key note speaker in social media and mobile, recommends:

Geshe Michael, "The Diamond Cutter , The Buddha on Managing your Business and your Life."

  • Pere Rovira, Country Manager Spain for Grupo Elisa Interactive and BCM web analytics key note speaker, recommends:

Avinash Kaushik, “Web Analytics 2.0: The Art of Online Accountability and Science of Customer Centricity”. Paperback The must read books for the LEAD module (LEAD YOURSELF, LEAD YOUR PROJECTS)

  • Emma Barthe, psychologist, coach and expert in psychology of the personality and teacher of lead yourself at BCM, recommends:

Abraham Maslow, “A Theory of Human Motivation” (originally published in Psychological Review, 1943, Vol. 50 #4, pp. 370–396). OTHER KEY READINGS: If you want to be in the Spanish advertising industry you should read:

  • Dr. Xavier Oliver Conti, “¿Publicidad? No, thank you Cómo reparar lo que los cuatro grandes grupos publicitarios destruyeron”. Colección Deusto-CIEC

If you want to be working in Creativity you also should read:

  • Dr. José María Ricarte Bescós , “Creatividad y comunicación persuasiva”. Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona. Servicio de Publicaciones
  • Robert Sawyer, “Kiss & Sell: Writing for Advertising Redesigned and Rekissed”. Paperback

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Very interesting bibliography! Thank you!

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