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25 November 2022 | Posted by angela.tuduri

Cisco presents its new European headquarters in Barcelona

The world technology corporation, Cisco Systems, is landing in Europe with a new chip design center.

The technology giant announced a few days ago the opening of a new headquarters specialized in the manufacture of chips in Barcelona; being the first European center for the development of integrated circuits.   

The city of Barcelona will be recognized as the first European design center after months of negotiations between the Government and Cisco. This achievement comes at the best moment for Spain, on the verge of becoming a world market leader with the manufacture of 20% of chips by 2030.   

Barcelona already has a data center belonging to Cisco Systems installed in 2018; and that now, will add a new headquarters nearby, expanding its operations in Spain.  

Cisco Systems  

The multinational Cisco Systems communicated the news a few days ago. The company dedicated to the manufacture of local and external networks once again demonstrated its ability to expand horizons and establish new headquarters in the European market.   

Cisco is positioned as one of the best IT solution providers in the market, covering connections, and satisfying the security and needs of any company without depending on the sector.   

Cisco helps seize tomorrow's opportunities by demonstrating that amazing things can happen when you connect the unconnected." Cisco Systems  

This new initiative is part of the PERTE, (Strategic Project for Economic Recovery and Transformation) carried out by European funds Next Generation and seeks to mobilize about 10,000 million euros.   

At a time when new technologies are the focus of the market, Barcelona is positioning itself as a European technology center. Cisco has not been the only one to land in Spain; Intel announced a few months ago its intention to set up a microchip laboratory in Barcelona at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center.   

Why Barcelona   

What were the main factors that influenced Cisco's decision to set up its first European headquarters in Barcelona?  

Three factors were the main ones that caught the attention of the technology giant:   

  • High employability in the engineering sector. Barcelona is positioned as a technological city, hosting a large community and professionals. The high demand for related studies makes it an idyllic place to settle.  
  • Aid to displaced personnel. An aspect that improves the start-up law and offers incentives to those displaced from abroad.   
  • Another key element has been the PERTE for microelectronics and semiconductors, which shows the political will to create a favorable ecosystem for chip development and guarantees significant economic support.  
  • In addition, the presence of the Barcelona Supercomputing Center.

Related studies 

Cisco-related training offers a complete overview equivalent to the first level of training in the Cisco Networking Academy Program.   

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