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18 March 2020 | Posted by userDataCenter

Is cloud migration the solution?

Many companies with private data centers, are considering migrating to the cloud and many companies that have their services in the cloud, plan to migrate to their own facility. Today we will investigate if migrating to the cloud is a good solution.

There are several factors that influence this decision that we will see below:

The first factor we could name is data center management:

  • Private data center: In order to keep it up to date, you must have a technical team that will take care of all the updates and problems that it may bring.
  • Cloud data center: The entire cloud architecture does not need to be managed or cared for.

The second factor that is closely related to the first is devices:

  • Private data center: It is necessary to study the necessary capacity, bandwidth, memory, power... to buy the necessary devices and assemble a good structure.
  • Cloud data center: No study is needed as capacity, memory, and more are needed. It is based on selecting an option to be able to enlarge the parameters or reduce them according to the needs of the moment.

Another factor that is interesting to keep in mind is control and security:

  • Private data center: You have total control of each device, you can also analyze logs, the traffic of the connections between devices ... So in a private data center you can choose which security devices to put and what measures and policies to implement in each service.
  • Cloud data center: Security control is not available however many providers like AWS have an option which is to apply security filters. However, you cannot control and implement the policies.

One drawback that has to be called is that when a server or any device that is servicing drops, in the cloud redirection and change is automatic and not noticeable. In a private data center, in order to achieve the same as in the cloud, the structure must be mounted with the appropriate devices in such a way that this automatic change is possible and without losing data.

The last major factor to keep in mind is cost along with scalability:

  • Private data center: If the infrastructure has been designed from the beginning with the idea of being scalable and you have control of the applications and services offered in the data center, the cost is adequate.
  • Cloud data center: It is pay-per-use, so if you need to expand the infrastructure it costs, but it is simple.

In conclusion, if you have a private data center and you have control over what you consume the services you provide and you do not have to make constant changes, it is not advisable to migrate to the cloud. And as we have seen the cloud is simpler to manage and easily scalable but if you do not control the service well, the cost can be a serious disadvantage.

Llorenç Garcia

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