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31 January 2020 | Posted by Team Technova

La Salle Technova is part of the BLOCKPCT Private Blockchain Network

BLOCKPCT provides free access for 3 months to test the different applications provided by the network

The Association of Science and Technology Parks of Spain (APTE) has signed an agreement with Telefonica for the implementation of a private and independent blockchain network called BLOCKPCT. La Salle Technova is one of the nine park’s members of APTE that have signed this agreement.

BLOCKPCT will provide free access for 3 months from February to April to test the different applications provided by the network, as well as the two use cases that will already be deployed, related to the certification of innovative entities and the tokenization of activities. More than 8,000 companies for and entities located in Spanish science and technology parks could use this network.

BLOCKPCT is an opportunity for companies that develop products and services based on this technology as well as those who do not have a great knowledge of blockchain who will be able to work through Telefonica's own technology called TRUSTOS. In addition, all companies and entities interested in participating in the network will receive a mentor from Telefonica from the very beginning, both to enter the network itself, to start working with the API or to develop its own APIs.

La Salle is taking a chance on this technology and has also been the venue for the European Blockchain Congress which was held on the Barcelona Campus on January 20 and 21.



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