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30 January 2020 | Posted by Team Technova

La Salle Technova is transferring its knowledge to help the St Quirze’s design of its Living Lab Project

First session to became Sant Quirze, in Catalonia, one of the first circular city in the world

The city of Sant Quirze del Vallès, in Catalonia, wants to become one of the first Circular Cities in the world that is committed to sustainability, waste reduction, optimization of resources, and the environmental quality. To achieve this, they have begun the project of Conceptualization of a Living Lab in the municipality. La Salle Technova is helping them transferring its knowledge with the design of the Living Lab. The Living Lab is a real testbed and an experimentation environment that aims to solve the needs of society, where users and producers can innovate in a collaborative way.

The main function of the Living Lab of Sant Quirze will be to standarize simple procedures so that all the agents in the territory can contribute to propose and / or solve challenges linked to the Circular Economy and build together a better, more sustainable and friendly municipality, where the present generations and future people are proud to live.
In the first session that took place on January 28th at the City Council, representatives of schools, secondary schools, business associations, family association, and local and regional administration jointly worked to define 'What is the Living Lab they want for Sant Quirze?' and 'Which of the agents already in the region can contribute to the functioning of the Living Lab, and how can they contribute?. The next session will be held on February 20th, and anyone in the territory can take part in making a contribution to the design of the Sant Quirze Living Lab.


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