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04 November 2022 | Posted by cristofor.fernandez

La Salle-URL launches the course Planet4

After the two first years of the project Planet4 - Practical Learning of Artificial Intelligence on the Edge for indusTry 4.0, the design of the Planet4 course and the preparation of the training materials have been completed, and it is ready to be launched.

The main learning outcomes of the Planet4 course are:

  • Learners should be able to recognize, understand and articulate the basics of the main technologies of Industry 4.0, such as AI and ML.
  • Learners should have a managerial, strategic and teamwork mindset that enable them to work and guide interdisciplinary groups in achieving realistic and innovative solutions.
  • Learners should be able to evaluate and indicate the solutions to solve real world industry challenges using AI, ML and EC technologies in an Industry 4.0 context.

The course is organized in 3 modules, each of them containing several lesson groups. The 3 modules are:

  • Fundamentals of I4.0.
  • Innovation and Change Management.
  • How to solve I4.0 challenges.

The first module of the course (Fundamentals of I4.0), is related to the first main learning outcome, and delivers an overview of the theories, methodologies, and tools of the foundational I4.0 technologies. It is organized in 4 lesson groups:

  • Introduction to I4.0.
  • Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.
  • Internet of Things and Industrial IoT.
  • Cloud and Edge Computing.

In particular, the introductory lesson group gives a context to the course and acts as a general framework in which the technologies explained in other lesson groups will be inserted. In lesson groups 2,3, and 4, instead, are delivered more technical information about theory and how to use a specific technology to solve an industrial problem.
La Salle Campus Barcelona - Universitat Ramnon Llull has been responsible for the setup of the technical environment of the e-learning course, and for the production of training materials related to Cloud and Edge Computing technologies (in collaboration with partner Elecnor).

Indeed, as the coordinator of the pilot test of the training course and release of learning materials, La Salle-URL is hosting all the generated contents in its Moodle platform, where students from the four Universities of the consortium (University of Pisa, Rzeszow University of Technology, University of Ioannina, and University Ramon Llull), will be able to enrol during the next month. We hope they will learn a lot and enjoy it!