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20 June 2022 | Posted by Editorial Team GREITM

Marcela Garza and her experience at EMAC

Marcela Garza, Ph.D. candidate in GREITM, shares with us her experience at the EMAC Annual Conference, held in Budapest at the end of May.

The European Marketing Academy (EMAC) is a professional society for people involved or interested in marketing theory and research. Every year organizes many events, one of the most important is the Annual Conference, which provides a yearly forum for the presentation and discussion of research projects in various stages of development.

This year, Marcela Garza, Ph.D. candidate in GREITM, participated in the conference that was held in Budapest, at the Corvinus University. The conference has been a good opportunity for exchange of ideas, have discussions of work in progress, as well as networking with new colleagues.

Marcela shares her experience with us:

One of the things that surprised me the most was the high presence of senior researchers and editors of top Journals in Marketing, so it was a very rich conference. In addition, there were many talks with various journal editors, such as the Interactive Journal of Marketing, in which they presented new trends and possible lines of research.

I really liked the fact that my topic, digital transformation in marketing, came up so often. Other researchers presented the different techniques and strategies that are being adopted in the field, some focused more on cryptocurrencies, blockchain and NFTs. In general everything was going towards digital and the new trends it generates.

Marcela Garza had the opportunity to present the paper "Digital transformation and Sports Marketing: Turkish Airlines Euroleague Basketball Final Four 2021 case study" within the track Marketing Strategy and Theory. The paper, co-authored with Dr. Chris Kennett, will be published in the conference proceedings.

After the presentation several people approached Marcela to propose possible lines of research on Esports, a new phenomenon in which many people are becoming interested.

Marcela is currently teaching the Major Sports Events Management course and we hope that the participation in EMAC has given her new inputs for her future research. She can be contacted at


Autores: GREITM Editorial Team


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