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08 June 2022 | Posted by angela.tuduri

SAP Spain celebrates AUSAPE Forum 2022

Last week the Spanish SAP community got back to enjoy the AUSAPE Forum 2022 at the FIBES II, Congress Center in Seville.  

After a year and going back to its face-to-face format, the biggest event for the Spanish technology community reopened its doors on June 1st and 2nd in its XVII edition under the theme "Digital Humans".   

Ausape Forum 2022   

The AUSAPE Association is the largest Spanish forum that brings together customers, partners and suppliers of the SAP environment; favoring the flow of information and the most important knowledge of this technological area.    

The community seeks to establish relationships with international associations and similar professional groups.  Relationships that serve as a lever to share and communicate the most required experiences and needs of SAP software development.    

Its main objective is to transmit information of interest and suggestions for improvement related to the latest SAP products or services on the market. A network that serves as a support to foster relationships and practices among experts in the national and international environment.    

The AUSAPE Forum came to the Seville Conference Center with new features. An Employment Forum was created to bring together companies in the sector and students who wanted to open a niche in the technology sector and the SAP world.    

Undoubtedly an important event for software enthusiasts that welcomed more than 950 people to its various presentations, informative sessions and round tables.    

Digital humans and digital transformation   

The main theme of the event revolved around human beings and technology. The internet of things (IoT), artificial intelligence, machine learning, business intelligence... The fourth industrial revolution, which will be totally technological and digital, will allow us to create techniques that will change the way we work and interact with companies and businesses.    

The role of the human being is the focus of this new digital transformation. Transformation that is changing the traditional business models, for new centralized systems and easy access to information.  

Digital transformation places value on the customer experience and seeks new ways to increase revenue and improve business efficiency. With the help of technology integration in all business areas (purchasing, marketing, finance...) companies will be able to compete in today's business space.    

At SAP, they see digital transformation as an opportunity for digital business improvement. Greater efficiency, productivity, agility? Among other things, intelligent technologies that allow building modern ERP systems (database management systems) and advanced analytics techniques that facilitate data analysis and decision making.   

SAP Courses    

SAP is one of the great pioneers in the installation of business management software that facilitates the collection and analysis of data in addition to the agile and dynamic workflow. A business dedicated to business solutions and customer experience.    

"SAP helps companies and organizations of all sizes and industries to manage their businesses profitably, adapt continuously and grow sustainably" SAP

They also feature courses or modules that prepare you to become an industry professional. SAP courses offer specific solutions to areas of specialization such as finance, logistics, human resources or project management.    

If you want to be an expert in SAP consulting, acquire the necessary skills to become an SAP S/4HANA functional consultant with the Master in SAP Functional Consulting from La Salle URL. In addition, you will get the required preparation to receive the SAP S/4HANA Finance certificate.  


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