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23 July 2014 | Posted by Redacción Arquitectura

Sagrada Familia & Google Glass for Blind peolple

Students from the School of Architecture of La Salle Tarragona has explored the possibilities of showing for blind people using #GoogleGlass the most famous building of Gaudi, the basilic of 'Sagrada Familia'.

This project has been possible with the colaboration of volunteers of ONCE from Tarragona with the support of technics from this organization for blind people.

Google Glass

The students have been developing models of several elements of the building to explain the ideas of the architect. Students: Eduard Vila, Alvaro Marsal, Aurora Santalluisa, Claudia Rodon, Xavi Prats, Anna Porta, Maria Peñas,  Francesc Martín, Dani Fernández, Xavier Bosch, Yaiza Berrio, Armand Baiges, Aimar Assamá, Rafa Guillemat, Fran Moreno, Álvaro Teruel Teacher: Isidro Navarro ONCE technic: Laura Blanco Sponsors: LABS 4 GLASS, Augmented Reality Barcelona








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