International Business Administration students share their adventures and experiences at La Salle Campus Barcelona. Not to be missed!

08 October 2010 | Posted by Students of Business and Technology

BES La Salle Undergraduate Business Administration Degree "ADE" Welcome Week 2010

New students enrolled in the Graduate of Business Management and Technology degree program had their Welcome Week September 6  - 10, 2010.  Almost 40 local and international students from such diverse places as China, Germany, Denmark, Mexico, Morocco, Ecuador, the United Kingdom, Belarus, the United States and Norway participated in the activities. In addition to workshops on the BES La Salle Mission Statement, Program Objectives, Area Studies, Studying at University and a campus tour, students had the opportunity to do rock climbing team building exercises at the FESS gym conducted by Moi and Jauma. Foreign students were given Survival Spanish lessons to help them navigate around Barcelona. The week culminated in a lunch and a Cultural Journey Around Barcelona photo contest in which the students posed in front of the most iconic sites in Barcelona. We would like to thank everyone who participated especially Olga Gracia, Professors Steve Campbell, Chris Kennett, Paul Fox, Brain McGarry, Mennoh, and Beatrice Belda. Most of all we would like to thank the students for their enthusiastic support during the whole week.


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