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13 May 2014 | Posted by Students of Business and Technology

La Salle Festival Week: Day 1.

Highlights of the first day of La Salle festival week. La Salle festival week kicked off this morning with the start of a 4x4 Volleyball tournament. Unfortunately the students were unable to enjoy the fine weather that usually accompanies the sport, but that certainly did not put a dampener on the spirits as the party got into full swing. photo 5 Students were also able to enjoy a somewhat different start to the week, as they took advantage of the table football on offer outside the cafeteria. photo 1 The atmosphere was certainly building up on campus as the Sallethylics got into full voice around midday, which was followed by an attempt at a human pyramid. photo 4 And the gruelling looking climbing wall was also being prepared ahead of this weeks Openbloc Catalan University Championships. photo 2-1 Keep updated with all this weeks events and on campus action on our La Salle blog. Highlights of tuesdays activities will be available soon. 


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