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13 May 2014 | Posted by Students of Business and Technology

Useful Study Tips for Finals.

With Spring semester finals only around the corner, here are a few study tips to help with your exam preparation.

  • Start early

We're all guilty of fooling ourselves into thinking "I'll start studying at least three weeks before exams this time!" But we know that rarely happens. Instead it's a case of, "I'll start tomorrow instead, one less day wont do any harm, will it?" Well the longer you leave it the harder it gets. If you prepare early enough, and throughly too, you will find your brain is able to retain much more information that will mean the difference between that six or seven, and that eight or nine.

  • Plan ahead

Planning a revision schedule ahead of time makes a huge difference to your study time and eventually your final grade. If you look ahead of time to see which days you have free to study for what class, and plan enough hours for each, and actually stick to your schedule, then you can't go wrong in your preparation.

  • Stay calm

Some people, like myself, tend to get flustered and frustrated in the final few days before exams. Especially if you don't do either of the above steps. That anxious feeling of wondering whether you have done enough studying or not only serves to ruin your concentration and focus, and results in poor preparation. If you stay calm and composed, you will find the quality of your studying will be much better. When the work gets too much, then take a short break and go for a walk, or clear you head which ever way best suits you.

  • Make the final preparations the night before

Double and triple check the time and place of your exam, and make sure you have all the necessary equipment to be able to take the test. Then read over a final condensed version of your notes once or twice before bed, and you'll be as right as rain for the morning of the exam! Hopefully these four simple steps will help you prepare for you finals, and we wish you all the best of luck!


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