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09 December 2014 | Posted by Students of Business and Technology

Wednesday: bake sale @ La Salle campus

Tomorrow, Wednesday the 10th of December, you should make sure to bring some coins to the campus. la marató Wednesday is the official day of La Marató, which is an annual awareness and fundraising broadcast event, hosted by TV3. Every year, La Marató raises money for medical research and in previous years the funds have gone to research of diseases such as cancer, aids and diabetes. This year the money will go to scientific research for heart disease.  The broadcast has taken place on an annual basis since 1992, and is designed to raise awareness, to inform and to  entertain. Like last year, the first year students here at La Salle have a project where they will work to raise funds for La Marató. The project is executed as a bake sale where the students have to be innovative. The project is related to a marketing class and the students have to apply principles learned in class, in order to maximize the sales and the revenue they will obtain from their homemade cakes. The money they raise, will go directly to La Marató. As this is such a great initiative I wanted to remind you all to bring coins to campus tomorrow, so you can buy some delicious pastries, and at the same time support a good cause.


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