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02 February 2015 | Posted by Students of Business and Technology

Alumni: Rasmus Fri

Rasmus Fri, who graduated from La Salle in 2013, decided to start studying again. He is currently in Denmark, where he takes a masters degree in Finance and Strategic Management at Copenhagen Business School. Rasmus is 27 years old, and while studying he is also working in two student organizations: FMS Social Committee and Copenhagen Junior Consultants. In Copenhagen Junior Consultants Rasmus works as a junior/project consultant and when the organization works on projects he typically spends around 10-20 hours a week depending on the time frame and how pressed they are on time. Rasmus views this as a great opportunity, both in the sense that he can apply theoretical knowledge learned in class while being able to expand this knowledge, but also as he is building a network of connections that can benefit him while building a successful career in management consulting. When Rasmus works on a project, he typically collaborates with 4-5 other junior consultants as well as a project manager, and they also have a mentor from the consulting firm PA Consulting Group. The group typically meets up in the afternoon to discuss what has to be done, and depending on the project they will assign subtasks between themselves. Then they work in pairs or small groups to complete each subtask, before preparing the final deliverable. In the last project they carried out, the group helped a tech startup in the e-learning industry by improving their strategy and their performance. In this project Rasmus wrote the market research analysis with the project manager, and he also helped a co-worker to write the resource analysis. As for knowledge obtained from La Salle, Rasmus says that he applies it everyday, either in the classroom or when he is at work for Copenhagen Junior Consultants. As his last project had a tech-aspect, the knowledge he attained during his bachelor in Business and Technology was especially useful, as it helped him to understand the difficulties faced by tech-startups. When Rasmus graduated from La Salle he didn’t really expect to leave Spain, but he decided to do so after going to job interviews and discovering that it was impossible to get the jobs he wanted. Now, he has found that in Copenhagen the labour market is more promising, and it is possible to find attractive jobs if you put in effort and time to build a network. Rasmus recommends current La Salle students to increase their networks, and to set up student organisations. At Copenhagen Business School the students are active and through participating in organisations the students get to interact with the business world. This is something that has helped many of Rasmus’ friends to find jobs in really great companies.

If you would like to know more about Rasmus, you can check out his LinkedIn profile here.

A new addition to the blog this year is the alumni network. I have, and will continue to interview several professionals who graduated from La Salle. Here in the blog you can read summaries from the interviews and gain inspiration for where the degree obtained at La Salle can take you. 


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