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23 June 2022 | Posted by angela.tuduri

Agile Spain 2022 - Let's Reconnect

AOS 2022 kicks off next July 1st and 2nd. The conference designed by the Spanish Agile Association and aimed at project management and Agile methodology lovers will bring together in two weeks the professionals of the sector.   

Two days of talks and sessions will uncover new practices, ways of working and innovative elements of the Agile world. Barcelona will be in charge of hosting the Spanish community in 2022. What will the most important Spanish Agile event of the year be like? 

Agile Spain 2022  

Agile Open Spain (AOS) is recognized as an event hosted by the Spanish Agile Association. A non-profit society that started in 2009 aiming to spread the knowledge of agile methodologies throughout the country.   

Agile Spain, in besides spreading knowledge of agile management for industry experts, offers annual conferences such as AOS and CAS (Agile Spain Conference). The path over the years, has allowed them to expand and provide support to the community from a global framework of project management.  

"Over the years, we have evolved to also support independently organized conferences and events, providing comprehensive support to our members and the Spanish agile community in general" Agile Spain.  

The event is self-organized as an Open Space, and in it, anyone is invited to actively participate in the conferences, establishing a shared learning format. Agile Spain raises funds from its conferences and also from membership fees, thus financing its activities in the country.     

Agile Methodologies  

What means agile approaches? Agile methodologies are known as those frames facilitating and adapting the ways of working within a project. This technique streamlines the processes of a plan and can act almost immediately, improving the development of the work and adapting changes with flexibility.  

Improves collaborative work, provides control and predictability to the project, allowing to add integrations and check almost immediately the evolution of the plan. Agile methodologies offer a series of advantages that facilitate the division and organization of work, allowing to improve time and costs.  

Multidisciplinary teams are a remarkable aspect of agile management. Such teams act together, streamlining processes and through daily meetings, everyone knows the steps to follow and is aware of the tasks performed so far.   

Agile methodologies are transforming traditional ways of working. They allow optimizing tasks in a project and keep the teams in line, increasing the productivity and quality of the plan. 

Let's reconnect  

The slogan theme chosen this year is #weconnectagain. The conference returns for ICT sector and agile methodologies lovers in a face to face format. Going back to the traditional origins of the community, next July 1st and 2nd the event will take place, this time at La Salle Campus Barcelona.   

AOS 2022 aims to unite and connect management professionals, disseminating best practices and uses of agile methodologies. This year, the format of the event will uncover the best practices and innovative ideas in the industry. 

La Salle URL promoting agility  

La Salle University Campus Barcelona is a collaborating company of Agile Spain; therefore, this year, we are hosting the most important event of the Spanish agile community in our center. Xavier Albaladejo, director of the Master in Agile Methods and founder of Agile Barcelona believes in the event as a learning, networking and meeting point for project management professionals (PMP). 

"This Open Space format is very special, it allows knowledge to emerge among all of us, in the topics that really interest us, co-creating and learning in a collaborative way, connecting in conversations both experts and people who are just starting out. It will be a unique moment, no doubt" Xavier Albaladejo 

Training in agile methodologies is increasingly important for project managers. Companies are looking for professionals capable of streamlining project tasks and facilitating work between teams.  

If you are thinking of training as a project manager, at La Salle Campus Barcelona, we have masters and specialization courses that prepare you to become a project professional and acquire the most important certifications in the sector. 


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