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Create your anime character at La Salle Summer School

Every summer, pre-university students between 15-18 years old can take summer courses at La Salle campus Barcelona during the month of July. A first contact with the university world so that you can start developing and learning your favorite skills.   

The Summer School focuses on areas of business, architecture, art and computer science, offering students a summer experience shared with international students.  

In this post we will talk about the Design your Anime or Manga character course, and will discover the possibilities you will find within it. 


Anime is the Japanese animation brand par excellence. A popular style characterized by long, large, colorful and voluminous eyes and hair, unlike the rest of the parts of the face. In addition, the body features of the characters are identified with those of the human body, making it more similar and real.  

In the beginning anime characters were designed by hand, but with the development and advancement of technology, it is now possible to create digital anime characters from scratch and in 3D animation. The process is divided into small steps, starting with the face and continuing with the body until the complete character is achieved.   

In addition, the traits and characteristics of the anime characters must be conveyed in all designs, showing well the personality, traits and history of the character.   

"If you have good characters, you have a good story" Koike Kazuo 


How do you design an anime character from scratch? It is very important to consider the traits that will mark the personality of your character, since they will accompany him throughout his story. 

Understand his personality  

The personality of an anime character starts with his blood, as it will be what defines his identity.  Japanese culture believes that blood defines a person's personality, so you can choose your character's traits based on:   

A - it is associated with a creative and discreet personality with a headstrong and restless touch.  

B - a very active and enthusiastic personality that can be mixed with a hint of selfishness and recklessness  

O - these people tend to have a steady and constant character as well as being unpredictable.  

AB - very flexible and reasonable, though delicate and sensitive 

Choose a style  

The style of an anime character must be unique and personal. In anime you can base your character's style on classic artists that inspire you, or you can start from scratch and create your own style.   

The most common styles in both anime and manga (more common in comics) are shojo and shonen.  

Create a story  

Once you have designed and progressed with your character, create the story. What concerns does your character have? Does he/she want to learn something? Will he/she evolve throughout the story?   

All these questions will answer the chronicle you want to create.  


During the summer course, you will learn how to create your own characters from the anime world with dazzling stories. You will also understand the basic elements of anime and manga language, putting into practice what you have learned.   

During the two-week course you will collaborate with international students to design characters, worldbuilding and 2D animations. You will be introduced to the world of anime and manga and will be able to decide on your future in the area of art, animation and VFX.   

In addition to a course in the animation sector, La Salle Summer School offers other courses related to business, architecture and IT: 


A course designed to learn about business and the management of companies and organizations. During the two weeks, you will also develop leadership skills, entrepreneurship, new technologies and social networks.  

A course that specializes in the creation of a startup from the hand of the Innovation Park and Business Incubator of La Salle campus Barcelona. The Business Generation of the Future: entrepreneurship and starting up program is taught 100% in English like the rest of the summer courses and lasts two weeks. 


Are you passionate about architecture and buildings? Discover the Be an architect in Barcelona program of La Salle Summer School.   

A course dedicated to the teaching of architecture in Barcelona. In the first stage of the course, you will analyze the most emblematic neighborhoods of the city and participate in a project directed and commissioned by the Mies van de Rohe Pavilion.   

This course is aimed at any pre-university student interested in architecture, design and building.  

Computer Science  

Program your own App is offered, during the two weeks of July and 100% in English. You will learn how to design your own app for either Android or IOS.   

The main objective of this course is to offer a preliminary view to future university students taking the program of application development on mobile devices.  

Explore the opportunities offered by the Summer School at La Salle Campus Barcelona and start developing your professional future.   


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