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10 March 2023 | Posted by angela.tuduri

The evolution of engineering studies led by La Salle-URL

Applications for engineering studies fall, sowing doubts in the sector.

Engineering studies and employability have always been at the forefront, leading enrollments and jobs not only nationally but globally. This trend is changing, and now we have new data that puts the sector in check.  

In today's article we explore information about employability and related studies in the engineering sector in Spain. If you want to keep up with the latest news in the sector.... Read on! 

The trend is starting to change  

Engineering is a discipline with a great impact on society and the world economy. In Spain, it is positioned as the most sought-after sector with the highest demand in both training and the labor market. 

According to a report by the consulting firm Adecco, engineers are one of the most in-demand profiles in the Spanish labor market in 2022.  

But the trend in training is changing. Why is it that in a sector where employment is growing, enrollments are falling? 

Engineering professionals are constantly updating their studies and training due to the changes in our environment. Information and communication technologies, artificial intelligence, or the large amount of data currently available to us, force professionals to update their training and skills.  

Maintenance and reinforcement - employability  

The most recent studies position the sector as a leader in national and international employability. But, as La Vanguardia mentions in one of its articles, Spain registers a lower enrollment of STEM professions in bachelor's and master's degrees.  

Despite the current job placement figures and the certainty that the labor market will require this type of professional, we are seeing a decrease in enrollments in related studies.”

- La Vanguardia

The natural sciences, mathematics, ICT, engineering, industry and construction (STEM) sector is beginning to post declines in area-related enrollments.  

According to data from the Hays survey of professionals and companies, 11% of organizations perceive a lack of entry-level candidates. In addition, the profile of undergraduate graduates drops from 15% in 2020 to 10.9% in 2023. 

Leading the change - Get trained at La Salle-URL 

Engineering studies are constantly being updated to meet the new needs of the sector. Although enrollments in Spanish students have fallen, employability is growing every day, creating a gap in the area.  

Engineering enrollment up 11% over previous years.”

- La Salle-URL

At La Salle-URL we are aware of the growing importance of job-oriented technologies. With a strong international and practical vision, our engineering studies offer specializations that respond to today's job market.  

Not only have enrollments in this area increased, but so has the employability of our graduates in the sector. Currently, 96% of engineering graduates find employment opportunities after completing their studies. 

Being aware of the change that is taking place in the world, and the lack of qualified professionals, our engineering programs offer a methodology and curriculum appropriate to the sector, responding to the new needs of the professional market.  

We lead the technological change, training valuable professionals prepared to lead the future of work, with high job expectations. 

Diversity of studies and new technologies  

The growing demand and importance of technologies in the economy and society are beginning to take their toll on training.  

The demand for information technology (IT) engineers is expected to continue to increase in the near future, reflecting the growing importance of emerging technologies.  

IT and engineering, industry and construction areas with the best job placement indicators, have experienced a decrease in the number of graduates in the last two decades in Spain.”

- Hays

Inflation, rising costs and the climate crisis, among others, cause uncertainty in the labor, social and economic future, affecting studies and training.  

The working world needs professionals prepared to lead the technological change, with the main skills and techniques of the sector. In the case of engineering, new technologies have updated their studies, implementing new procedures and allowing an increase in employability. 

At La Salle-URL we offer quality training, pioneering in the sector and with the current needs of the labor market. And this is reflected in our data, both in enrollment and employability. If you are thinking of training in a technological university... 

Discover our degrees in Engineering!

Lead the change!


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