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03 February 2020 | Posted by Editorial Team GREITM

GREITM: a chosen destiny for doctoral stays

From November 2019 to January 2020, John Sanabria, who is pursuing his doctorate at the Externado University of Colombia, was a guest student at our GREITM research group during his doctoral stay.
Shaping and refining an ongoing investigation at GREITM research group

John Sanabria was a guest for three months at our GREITM research group as part of his doctoral journey, his research work aims at explaining the growth of collaborative economy companies using the theory of resources and capabilities. His stay at Barcelona allowed him to discuss his project with researchers from the GREITM group and together identify how some of the elements he seeks to understand can be analyzed from the perspective of the theory of generativity, a topic currently researched by some members of the group, as it is one of the prevalent discussions in the management world. Additionally, his work is developed in alliance with entities specialized in new economies in Colombia, this means that contributions, could have an effect on the study of growth of new companies.


In this process, John participated in the research and methodology seminars organized by the group and held meetings with some of its researchers, this is how he managed to focus his initial proposal and planned a route that would allow him to expand his analysis regarding the growth of companies in the new economies. He also socialized his ongoing investigation participating in the doctoral week organized by La Salle in January 2020.

John Sanabria is a Colombian researcher, categorized as a Ph.D. student by Colciencias, trained as a Business Manager and Master in Industrial Engineering. He has been an undergraduate and postgraduate teacher at various Colombian universities for 16 years, including the University of La Salle and the Externado University of Colombia. He always linked his teaching work to issues of entrepreneurship, innovation and business strategy. Also, he has worked as a manager in education institutions, commercial companies, and has been director of entrepreneurship centers.


During his work as a researcher, he has generated articles, textbooks, chapters, and research books, especially in areas of entrepreneurship, business networks, and business competitiveness, he has been as well, advisor of more than 50 undergraduate and master's projects, and evaluator peer in Colombian research journals.


In his professional career he has been recognized with the first place in the contest of inclusive business cases, Aim2flourish 2018 at Case Western Reserve University and with a certificate of teaching excellence from the University of La Salle, Los Libertadores University Foundation, and Piloto University of Colombia. Plus, he has been an international guest professor at the University of La Salle Mexico in 2016 and a jury of international entrepreneurship competitions organized by the OAS and various institutions. He held a full scholarship as a Master's student from the University of Los Andes and is currently a Ph.D. student of Colciencias, the Administrative Department of Science, Technology, and Innovation, for his doctoral studies.

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