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La Salle-URL promotes animation in Annecy

From June 11 to 17, students from the Campus visited the world stage of animation.

The International Animation Film Festival is an annual event held in the city of Annecy, France, and is one of the most important and prestigious festivals dedicated exclusively to animation worldwide.  

In the 2023 edition, and during one week, the latest news of the sector in different genres, styles and techniques are presented and exhibited. Thus, more than 200 works between short films, feature films, TV series, student films... were exhibited along with workshops, exhibitions and special events related to animation.   

During this year's event, they brought together the best professionals in the industry to celebrate the creativity and diversity of styles in the animation sector, with Mexico as a special guest.   

La Salle-URL had the opportunity to participate and attend the festival along with the students of the Degree in Animation and VFX. Want to know more?  

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Annecy 2023 - Where Creativity and Innovation Meet  

Annecy Animation Festival is a must-attend event for lovers of the genre, who enjoy a wide variety of films, shorts, series and interactive works of all styles.  

The Annecy Animation Festival has gained an international reputation and is considered an important reference point in the animation industry.  

There are also special open-air screenings, where classics or new animated films are shown. In addition, the festival has an international marketplace (MIFA), where meetings, workshops, conferences and business between industry professionals take place. It is a perfect place for the exchange of knowledge, collaboration and promotion of new projects and talents in the field of animation.  

Annecy has several sections in which Cristal awards are given to the best works in each category.   

  • Feature films  

  • Short films  

  • Television and commissioned films  

  • Graduation films  

  • Virtual reality works  

The Annecy Animation Festival has gained over the years an international reputation, coming to be considered a point of reference in the animation industry. Over the years, it has contributed to the growth and development of animation as an art form and entertainment, providing a platform for animators and filmmakers to present their work to a global audience. 

La Salle-URL at the Annecy Festival  

During the days of the Festival students were able to attend the premiere of films that will soon land on Spanish screens, and learn about all the news of the sector.  

La Salle-URL had its own stand at the festival, where students of the Animation and VFX Degree could show some of their projects. In addition, students got to know the world of the industry from the inside, interacting with professionals, companies and experts around the world.  

La Salle-URL's participation in the Annecy Animation Festival is a sign of its commitment to training in the digital animation sector, an industry in constant growth and demand for talent.  

La Salle-URL offers its students a comprehensive training that combines art, technology and narrative, and prepares them to work on national and international projects in film, television, video games or advertising.  

Degree in Animation and VFX

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