13 June 2023 | Posted by angela.tuduri

La Salle-URL stands out at Sonar +D

From June 15 to 17, three students of the campus will take part in Sonar +D featuring 3 innovative projects.

Sonar is the international electronic music festival promoting creativity and technology each year by bringing together artists and professionals from all over the world. During the three-day festival the limits of innovation around electronic and experimental music are explored, becoming an internationally renowned event that celebrates this year, its thirtieth anniversary.  

In addition, they have a dedicated program -Sonar +D- that allows you to see, hear, play and debate -during the day- the ethical, industrial and social consequences of the use of technology in music.   

This year, students from La Salle-URL will participate in the event bringing 3 projects developed in the Digital Arts Degree and Multimedia Engineering Degree. Want to know more?

Sonar Experience: music, innovation and art come together in Barcelona 

Sonar is the perfect setting where to combine music, innovation and art in the same space. Involving international and renowned artists, this year's theme revolves around the climate emergency and its different ways to act and raise awareness in society.   

The impact of AI in the arts, central axis of Sónar +D  

Across different stages the festival uses multi-screen presentations and tech shows to impress the audience during the three days. Altogether, more than 70 activities are organized that, spread across the stages, uncover new inspiration, and connect music and technology lovers.   

La Salle-URL makes its mark at sonar +D 

At one of the main sessions of the event, three students from La Salle-URL's Degree in Digital Arts and Degree in Multimedia Engineering will present their projects, developed during the academic year, which promise to succeed at Sonar +D.  

Judith Tarrés, Clara Soler and Oriol Murcia will have the opportunity to exhibit their creations during the festival, demonstrating the possibilities of technology in the field of music.  

Their projects; a sculpture with biodegradable materials, a lion designed with AR and interactive musical robots will be visible during Sonar +D, marking the experience of our students as future professionals of digital art and multimedia technology.   

We'll show you more about these innovative projects soon! 


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