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01 December 2010 | Posted by Redacción Ingeniería

CTMedia measures Barça - Madrid

During the last “clasico” between F.C. Barcelona and R. Madrid (5-0) last Nov 29th, CTMedia La Salle had the responsibility to measure the noise created by the 98.000  Barça fans that attended the match for the digital TV broadcaster GolTV. The CTMedia member Pere Artís was located in the grass of the field equipped with a Cesva SC-310 sound level meter . He measured the sound pressure during the whole match and got the following interesting results: the equivalent noise level during the whole match was 95.2 dBA, which is equivalent to stand in the middle of a high volume traffic road.  During the first part of the match (see figure), there were two prominent peaks, one for each scored goal of about 127dBC, equivalent to the noise of a jet engine at a 100m distance. Also remarkable is the sudden peak of 118dBC, when Ronaldo pushed back the Barcelona coach Pep Guardiola, making the Barcelona supporters terribly furious.



A thrilling and noisy match...

First of all great post!
My dream team has always been Barcelona, and I would like to see a live Barça match.

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