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28 January 2011 | Posted by Redacción Ingeniería

ICME 2011 - workshops everywhere!

ICME 2011, the IEEE flagship conference on multimedia that will be held in La Salle this year (Jul 11-15 2011), has announced a large number of workshops that will be organized next to the main conference. The list of workshops is the following: 1st IEEE International Workshop on Multimedia Services and Technologies for E-health (MUST-EH 2011) Workshop on Green Multimedia Communication 1st IEEE International Workshop on Interactive Ambient Intelligence Multimedia Environments (AIME 2011) 2nd IEEE International Workshop on Hot Topics in 3D (Hot3D 2011) 1st IEEE International Workshop on Advances in Automated Multimedia Surveillance for Public Safety (AAMS-PS 2011) 3rd International Workshop on Advances in Music Information Research (AdMIRe 2011) International Workshop on Content Protection & Forensics (CPAF 2011) 1st IEEE International Workshop on Vision and Graphics Computing for Multimedia Communications (VGCMMC 2011) Workshop on Visual Content Identification and Search (VCIDS 2011) IEEE International Workshop on Edutainment Workshop on Hot Topics in Multimedia Delivery (HotMD 2011) IEEE Workshop on Streaming and Media Communications (StreamComm 2011) International Workshop on Acoustics and Video Coding and Communication (AVCC 2011) Workshop on Multimedia-Aware Networking (WoMAN 2011) Workshop on Multimodal Audio-based Multimedia Content Analysis (MAMCA 2011) Workshop on Human Factors in Multimedia (HFM 2011) The general deadline for sending contributions to these workshops is Feb 20th. Besides the workshops, ICME2011 has also open a special track of short paper on Industrial/Applications, the deadline is also 20th of February 2011.


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