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01 February 2011 | Posted by Redacción Ingeniería

Raudos 2 project on the road again

The RAUDOS 2 project  is a project partly funded by the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce within the framework of the subprogramme "Avanza R & D and Competitiveness." Formed by a consortium of 14 organizations, including SMEs, universities and technology centers, the project RAUDOS 2 (2010-2011) is the continuation of the project "RAUDOS: Red Interactiva Multiplataforma de Contenidos Audiovisuales" (2008-2009), in which it seeks to create a social network for accessing and sharing legal audiovisual content, multi-device and multi-technology. In this second phase of the project, among other major advances, there will be an inclusion of the P2P technology to improve the delivery of content. Moreover users will be no longer simple  passive consumers, RAUDOS 2 will allow both consumption and production of content (prosumers).

Participation of CTMedia in RAUDOS 2 is from conceptualization and implementation of the User Centered Design (UCD),  R&D on hybrid broadcast broadband (HBB) technologies in television set-top boxes, to R & D for tools, cataloging and management of audiovisual content.


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