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Opera Prima: Training Future Digital Artists

Visit the works from February 4 to March 4 at the Joan Maragall Library in Barcelona!

During the first year, the students of the Digital Arts Degree at La Salle-URL participate in the Opera Prima Project, an initiative that introduces them to the artistic process and helps to train them in the global vision of art.   

The project is an initiative that inaugurates its second edition at the Joan Maragall library in Barcelona and encourages practical work by students from the beginning of their studies.  

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Opera Prima triumphs in its second edition 

Directed by students during the first year of the degree, the project allows them to delve into the artistic and design process, with the intention of investigating the global vision of art within the digital context

During the first semester, students have the opportunity to discover artistic skills, experiment with new techniques and learn to integrate technology and art in the creation of innovative works. 

Through learning various forms of expression and with the integration of new technologies, they acquire the technical and creative skills essential to the field of digital arts. 

The exhibition of the projects is a unique opportunity for the public to immerse themselves in the world of digital arts and discover the incredible talent and creativity of the students. The exhibition features work of animation, graphic design, photography or illustration, allowing us to appreciate the talent of the creators.  

The project 

Opera Prima is an important step in the formation of the campus students, who can experiment with creative processes, understanding modern artistic techniques.  

Students delve into traditional artistic concepts, understanding the historical and cultural roots, and understanding the adaptation of new technologies and digital media to traditional art.  

Each project is a unique work of art and represents the talent and creativity of each student. From animation to graphic design, from photography to illustration, this exhibition has projects for all art and technology lovers.  

As we have mentioned, the exhibition can be visited during the month of February (from February 4 to March 4) at the Joan Maragall Library in Barcelona. Admission is completely free and visiting hours are:  

- Monday/Wednesday/Friday - 9:30-13:30 and 15:30-20:30 

- Master/ Thursdays - 9:30-20:30 

- Saturdays - 10:00-14:00 

This exhibition reflects the talent of the students of the Digital Arts Degree at La Salle-URL and shows the importance of art education in the formation of future digital artists. The combination of technical and creative skills is essential in this field, and the Opera Prima Project is a unique initiative to develop them.

Opera Prima Project - La Salle-URL

elena poyatos

Proyecto realizado por Elena Poyatos

proyecto martina pou

Proyecto realizado por Martina Pou

proyecto marcel canal

Proyecto realizado por Marcel Canal

estefania campillo

Proyecto realizado por Estefania Campillo

proyecto duna agusti

Proyecto realizado por Duna Agustí

proyecto angela cardozo

Proyecto realizado por Angela Cardozo

proyecto de alba sunet

Proyecto realizado por Alba Sunet

Proyecto adriana ezcurra

Proyecto realizado por Adriana Ezcurra

Degree in Digital Arts  

La Salle-URL's Bachelor's Degree in Digital Arts is a program that focuses on the practice and study of digital technologies applied to art.  

From the first course, students participate in the development of projects oriented to technical and creative skills, including photography, illustration, video, sound... making a place for themselves in the world of digital art with their own style and voice.  

In addition, the program has an interdisciplinary perspective, allowing students to learn about fields related to digital arts, such as programming, artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality, and interactive design.  

This differentiates La Salle-URL students, who work through a hands-on methodology that boosts their versatility and prepares them to work in a variety of creative industries.  

OpenClass - Digital Arts, Animation & VFX 

La Salle-URL's Undergraduate Degree in Digital Arts and Undergraduate Degree in Animation and VFX are innovative programs that provide students with a comprehensive education in digital arts, animation and special effects, preparing them to work in a constantly evolving field. 

If you are interested in learning more about La Salle-URL's Undergraduate Degree in Digital Arts or in Animation and VFX, we have the perfect opportunity for you.  

Each week we offer an Openclass for prospective students where you will get detailed information about the program, courses, student experience and career opportunities.  

Our teachers will be available to answer all your questions and doubts. 

Want to lead the way in the creative industry?  




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