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12 September 2023 | Posted by angela.tuduri

Project Management stakes between the physical and virtual world

How can technology help project managers improve efficiency, productivity and communication within their projects?

In a fully digitized world, technology plays a key role in improving project management.   

Digitalization offers us new tools to better understand manufacturing methods and be more efficient, increasing the degree of sustainability, resilience and connecting all the actors that coexist in the project management ecosystem.  

It is time to take advantage of the information offered by the physical and virtual world. Data analytics and robotics (among others) are here to stay and build on top of what has been accumulated knowledge until today.  

Read on! 

Technology and data for efficient production  

Global challenges predefine the path in which projects and their management move forward.  

The construction industry is complex and challenging. The increasing use of digital tools has enabled industry professionals to include new transformations that connect the physical and virtual world.   

We no longer live in a single world (digital or physical), we have to learn to implement the information that the digital world offers us in the physical world."

- Aldo Sollazzo, CEO at Noumena Group

In the past, project management was mainly based on face-to-face communication and collaboration. Today, however, technologies revolutionize the way projects are managed, combining the advantages of both worlds. Thanks to these new technologies, teams work more efficiently, sharing information and collaborating on tasks from anywhere in the world. In this way, delays are considerably reduced, thus improving the quality of work.   

Data analysis or machine learning tools are a clear example of how new technologies help project teams identify opportunities to improve efficiency and sustainability. 

Some of the advantages of combining the physical and virtual worlds are:   

Data analytics and virtual reality 

Data and information analysis redefines the way we handle construction projects today. What until now was considered the least advanced sector in the industry ecosystem, today incorporates new methodologies that help it develop much safer environments.  

Data analysis tools, robotics or augmented reality and virtual reality (AR/VR) can help project managers learn about safety risks by practicing procedures in a safe environment.  

The use of AR/VR is able to optimize the entire project lifecycle. From planning, to project design, to training and learning, the data and information can help teams visualize projects in 3D and identify potential problems. This benefits teams by enabling them to develop new skills, better understand processes and prevent obstacles from becoming real problems.   

In addition, data can be used to identify opportunities to improve efficiency and sustainability on construction projects. 

Effective digital communication 

If the pandemic has brought us anything positive, it's the knowledge that we don't always need to be anchored to an office in order to work effectively. Teams need to communicate, share information and collaborate effectively in real time, regardless of where they are physically located, using communication tools such as Slack, Microsoft Teams or even email.  

With the need to travel also eliminated, online meetings can be conducted quickly and affordably using tools such as Google Meet, Zoom or Skype. When working with teams dispersed across numerous locations, this is especially useful.  

In addition, document management tools such as Google Drive, Dropbox or SharePoint allow you to securely store and share project-related documents and files. In this way, all teams have access to the latest information. 

Productivity at its best  

If your project requires tedious repetitive tasks, you can always automate them to spend time on what's really important.   

By using workflow tools such as Zapier or Microsoft Power Automate, you can automate redundant tasks that add little value and require a lot of time. On the other hand, technology now offers sophisticated tracking and analysis capabilities.   

We have to think about approaching a manufacturing method that already considers the material as a key product in order to enable solutions in the construction industry"

- Aldo Sollazzo, CEO at Noumena Group

To collect important data and metrics to make sound decisions, project managers can use tools such as Tableau, Power BI or even functions integrated into project management tools. 

Project management enhancements  

The combination between the physical and virtual world in the management of construction-related projects is a new trend that cannot be missed. The benefits that new technologies bring us are among others:   

  1. Improved safety: the information collected through data analysis can help in safety inspection and simulation, identifying and mitigating risks at construction sites. In addition, it enables defense procedures to be performed in safe environments.  

  1. Increased effectiveness and efficiency: Combining digital technologies with traditional processes allows project teams to work more effectively and efficiently. Team members can share information and collaborate on tasks from anywhere in the world. This reduces delays and improves the quality of work. 

  1. Improved communication and collaboration: Digital tools enable project teams to communicate and collaborate more effectively and efficiently, even if they are located in different places.  

  1. Sustainability in projects: Data analytics can benefit teams by identifying new opportunities in sustainability aspects. It also helps reduce the environmental impact on construction projects and optimizes the quality of deliverables. 

Education and related programs  

How are construction projects evolving today? There are many questions about the future of project management and digitization. New technologies offer a number of advantages that help project teams to be more effective, efficient and safe.  

At La Salle Campus Barcelona we focus on technology and innovation as a fundamental pillar in the development of any project. The Master's Degree in Project Management created to train in planning, control and organization of projects supported by the PMI, will allow you to specialize in areas such as: construction, pharma and biotech, start-ups, digital transformation, international projects, innovation, Lean or Agile.   

If you are thinking of boosting your future and turning your career in project management, find out more about our programs.   




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