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18 February 2021 | Posted by cristofor.fernandez

Students from La Salle-URL and La Salle Oaxaca University share knowledge about globalization in a collaborative course

In a six-week course, 1st year students of the Business Intelligence subject of La Salle-URL degrees and students from La Salle Oaxaca University, in Mexico, participated in the first COIL (Collaborative Online International Learning) experience between the two institutions. The course served the students to develop knowledge in different facets. The objectives of the course were multiple:

  • Increase knowledge of other cultures and global realities.
  • Offer students the opportunity to establish international relationships.
  • Build mutual trust in a collaborative online environment.
  • Build communication links.
  • Understand and respect the different cultural and social expressions.
  • Promote global empathy, understanding other perspectives and visions.

Students and professors from La Salle-URL and La Salle Oaxaca University worked collaboratively to achieve common goals. During the first week of the course, the students got to know each other and shared knowledge on global issues. “This initial part was very enriching,” explains Lisa Kinnear, La Salle-URL professor and project coordinator. From there, groups of five students (three from La Salle Campus Barcelona and two from La Salle Oaxaca) were formed to carry out weekly tasks related to globalization, which was the central theme of the course.

The tasks that the groups had to work on served to better understand global problems and realities. “We had to overcome setbacks such as the time difference, the profile of the students and the language,” says Lisa Kinnear. Finally, and focusing on an aspect related to globalization, such as climate change or the COVID-19 pandemic, each of the groups prepared a presentation and a final report. The presentation was in the form of a video, in which all members of the group explained part of the conclusions. “As many students as we, the designers of the course, learned a lot about how to manage a collaboration of this type. It has been a very good initiative, and there will surely be more in the future ”, concludes Professor Lisa Kinnear.