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04 August 2020 | Posted by cristofor.fernandez

Students of the MTTD create a chatbot specialised at vaccination

Dunia Mascaró, Pilar Arangoitia, Daniel Calderó and Pol López have presented ‘Alana', a chatbot specialised at vaccination. The initiative has arisen as a result of the final work of the Master in the Technologies for Digital Transformation that the students have done together with Sanofi, that was the company that challenged the students to set up the project.

“The vaccines improve our living quality at protecting us against mortal sicknesses. Many of these sicknesses already have been eradicated in the European Union, but those who travel to other countries still race the risk to contract them”, explain the students. At this context, Sanofi, world leader at the production of vaccines for travellers, proposed to the students the development of a solution that facilitated the process of vaccination of the travellers.

The four students have used the tools studied at the Master to create their project. “Thanks to the artificial intelligence, that we have studied during the Master, we have developed a multichannel chatbot that responds to those questions of travellers on vaccination before, during and after the trip”, they explain. The chatbot, named 'Alana', wants to raise awareness among travellers of the importance of vaccination.

“We have tried that ‘Alana' offers an excellent user experience, since it has been designed using methodologies centred at the customer”, they say. In this way, ‘Alana' is an easy tool, fast, that contains information of confidence, multichannel and fun, since it lets learn by playing.