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Talking with experts | Norma comics at La Salle-URL

The editorial manager visits La Salle-URL Campus to provide a current perspective of the sector.

Recently, Luis Martinez introduced at La Salle Campus Barcelona, the current situation of the comic industry as editorial director of Norma Comics. Under the watchful eye of the students of the Degree in Digital Arts, Luis previewed the trends and opportunities of a fast-growing sector.   

Techniques, formats, career opportunities and networking were some of the highlights of the visit, which ended with the review of portfolios of students from the campus.   

A very special session to learn first-hand the experience of an outstanding professional in the sector and bring the comic industry closer to our future experts.   

Stay to discover more! 

Rising industry: impact of comics on popular culture  

The comic book industry has evolved dramatically in recent years, increasing its impact on popular culture. Considered a niche entertainment not so long ago, it is now a cultural giant that leaves its mark on modern society.   

The comic book has ceased to be a symbol of amateurs and is becoming a dominant force in our culture and society”

- Luis Martínez, editorial director Norma Comics.

In terms of reach and popularity, comics have evolved - over time - to encompass a varied audience in age, gender and origin. One of the determining factors in the growth of the sector has been the influence of film and TV adaptations. Successes like Marvel or DC Comics have revolutionized the comic industry with adaptations of classics we remember: Iron Man, Spider Man or Wonder Woman...

As Norma's editorial director mentioned during his visit to the Campus, the story behind the comic is -without a doubt- the key factor when starting a professional career in the sector. Art in general has been greatly influenced by this style, which acts as a platform to reflect social, political and cultural issues.  

Comic books have proven to be a powerful art form and a narrative that connects with audiences in a deep and lasting way”

- Luis Martínez, editorial director Norma Comics.

The comics sector has also made its way abroad, where countries such as the United States, France and Japan abound with publishers focused on this type of format. Among the tips and opportunities Luis discovered, he encouraged students to consider international destinations in their professional future.  

Expert advice – talking with Luis Martínez   

During his visit, he shared notions of the comic book publishing world, and addressed current trends in the sector offering students an insight into the industry and their professional future as digital artists.  

How does one get started in the world of digital art? What styles are the most significant? What is the complete process of creating works? What career opportunities exist in the industry?  

Luis delved into the issues surrounding the industry, highlighting the importance of employability in the sector, distinguishing the skills and aptitudes that professionals value most, and placing creativity in the spotlight.   

Explore your creativity, originality makes the difference in the success and creation of works and comics”

- Luis Martínez, editorial director Norma Comics.

He also highlighted the importance of narrative, making clear the power of a solid story accompanying the illustrations and artwork. The editorial director also highlighted the job opportunities in the comics industry, from cartoonist, colorist or illustrator to editor, scriptwriter or designer. 

He encouraged students to attend trade fairs focused on the sector - Bologna and Frankfurt - and to learn about their potential by testing themselves on the number of illustrations they were able to create per day.   

Opportunities for future careers - training and creativity  

The students of the Digital Arts Degree at La Salle-URL had the opportunity to learn and deepen in the trends and principles of the comic industry, the legal bases of illustration and copyright, as well as the necessary materials and the most current and innovative color techniques.  

To conclude the visit, Luis reviewed the students portfolios, advising and guiding them in their next professional future from his perspective as an editorial director.   

The comic industry is changing and adapting to the new demands of an increasingly digitized public. That is why the training in digital arts offers a solid cultural, creative and artistic base that will enable you to identify styles, references and aesthetic periods of contemporary art and visual culture.  

Through the different subjects you will learn to generate ideas and concepts through drawing, as well as to capture a narrative idea. You will use the most advanced digital tools to create illustrations, graphic compositions of characters, environments and any artistic product regardless of its complexity.  

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