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10 February 2023 | Posted by angela.tuduri


Women in science: Break barriers and fulfill your dreams!

Have you ever thought of how many women made major contributions to the world of science, and have gone unrecognized? Today, from physics to biology, from computer science to chemistry, women are making a real impact in the world of science.  

Women have made and continue making important contributions in the science and technology sector.   

By fostering an inclusive and equitable environment, we ensure that all people, regardless of gender, have equal opportunities to explore their scientific potential and make a real difference in the world.  

In this post, we recognize the merit of women who actively participate in the development of science and technology.   

Want to know how? Read on! 

February 11: international day of women and girls in science  

February 11 marks the International Day of Women and Girls in Science. A date that recognizes the importance of gender equality and the inclusion of women in the world of science and technology.     

Despite advances in gender equality in recent years, there is still a significant gap in the representation of women in the scientific world. According to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) report, only 28% of researchers in the world are women.  

Created in 2015 by the United Nations (UN) General Assembly, the objective was none other than to recognize the importance of gender equality in science and technology. By encouraging the active participation of women in these fields, they pursue awareness of the gender gap in these areas initiating change towards a more just and equal society.   

Although some countries have already begun to implement policies and programs that encourage women's participation in science, there is still a long way to go to achieve real equality in this field. 

Positive news from the world of science  

Although gaining a foothold in this field has been difficult for women for many years, here is some positive news you may not have known about the advances in women's representation in science and technology.   

  • Increasing representation: Although the representation of women in science is still low compared to men, there has been an increase in the last decade. More women are earning STEM degrees and entering science-related careers.  
  • Major accomplishments: There are many talented and skilled women scientists who have made significant contributions to their field and have received recognition for their work. For example, in recent years, several women have won the Nobel Prize in science.  
  • Initiatives to promote gender equality: Around the world, initiatives are underway to promote gender equality in science. These efforts include mentoring programs, initiatives to foster diversity and inclusion, and policies to address barriers faced by women in science.  
  • Increased awareness: As more reports and statistics on gender inequality in science have become available, awareness of the issue has increased. This has led to a greater commitment by individuals and organizations to address this problem and promote gender equality in science.  

Despite these challenges, there are many women who have achieved great merit in science and have left a lasting legacy in history. 

Women scientists in the world  

There are many notable scientists women who have contributed significantly to the improvement of different fields, such as physics, chemistry, biology and computer science.   

Some of them include Marie Curie, the first person to receive two Nobel Prizes in different scientific disciplines, or Rosalind Franklin, whose research was crucial to the understanding of the structure of DNA.  

At La Salle-URL, we are proud to have women scientists who make the world a better place. For this reason, and for the occasion, we have asked our teachers, pupils and students why they are so passionate about science and technology. 

The result?   

For me, it boils down to passion, motivation and curiosity. I chose a career in science because of the curiosity I had to understand how the world around me works"

- Dr Naroa Serna

The mention in robotics has allowed me to now develop my PhD in the creation of a NAO robot to help children with autism"

- Selene Caro, Electronic Engineering in Telecommunications

I wanted to help improve people's living conditions and do my bit in the world"

- Carolina Lopez, Health Engineering student

I wanted to understand the world around me, face challenges and develop technologies that improve people's quality of life"

- Ester Vidaña, PhD in Information Technologies

La Salle-URL - related training  

At La Salle-URL, we strongly believe in the importance of gender equality and inclusion in all fields, including science.   

Science is a fundamental discipline for the advancement of people and the solution of global challenges.  

That is why we strive to create an inclusive and equitable work environment, where all people have the opportunity to reach their full potential. We offer programs and research opportunities for women, and work closely with local and international organizations to encourage the active participation of women in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.  

We believe that diversity is a powerful force and is fundamental to achieving a more equal and sustainable future. Therefore, we encourage all women to continue to explore their passion for science and to continue to break barriers. 




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