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12 November 2018 | Posted by Digital Analytics Team

7 Steps To Create a Content Marketing Strategy

Do you want to get the best possible results through a content marketing strategy?

What exactly is content marketing and what are the steps to create a content marketing strategy?

When it comes to creating a marketing strategy we have to take several things into account.

For those of you who still don't exactly understand what content marketing means, this is an easy definition:  Content Marketing refers to a type of marketing that focuses on stimulating the consumer through social media, videos and blogs. The product or service itself is not specifically the content promoted. Check out this video for a detailed strategy plan.

There are different ways to establish a content marketing strategy. This guide will provide the basics for simple and efficient content marketing in 7 steps.

STEP 1- Create a purpose and goals you expect to accomplish

Focus on what is important in your business content marketing, MAKE IT CLEAR, and determine the goals you want to reach in the short and long term.

STEP 2- Establish KPIs

Determining KPI’s is extremely important when it comes to online marketing. You will have a clear goal and knowledge of what you want to achieve: SEO, revenue, social media metrics,...

STEP 3- Define your audience

This is one of the most important content marketing  objectives. You NEED to have a clear target audience defined in order to establish an effective content strategy. You can take advantage of tools such as SEO, and google, which allows you to select the location of your targeted audience. With a targeted audience, it is easier to produce content they will be interested in and will further look at.

STEP 4- Analyze content channels and decide

There are many types of content you can create, therefor you need to analyze the market and decide which one will reach your targeted audience the best. Some include: video marketing, canva, visuals, podcasts, graphics,... Check out this article for detailed explanation.

STEP 5- Determine the plan and content

Do some research on the internet on your competitors and determine what value you can add to be the leading one. You will need to be consistent, use the skyscraper technique and look for effective marketing content examples of other companies.

STEP 6-Establish a content calendar

Engagement and consistency is one of the leading factors on how to create a content marketing strategy. Organize and plan what you will publish, when and how in the long term, so there are no upcoming surprises.

STEP 7- Analyze results

In order to know if your content marketing strategy is giving the best possible results, it is extremely important to analyze your data. You can use tools such as google analytics, conversion analytics. Through the application Mension and Google Alerts you can see if your content is being published or shared on other media.

Hopefully after reading these short steps you know how to create a content marketing strategy and creating yours!! Here are some terms that are necessary for a professional content marketer.

Good luck!


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