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22 May 2010 | Posted by Students of Business and Technology

Similarities among Riding Horses and Being an Entrepreneur

I run through the meadows and the fields. Always wild never tamed. I run fast and free, like the wind. 

Horseback Riding means:

- Must feel free when you do horseback riding

- Must be prepared to do horsebackriding, physically, mentally

- Must know what is a horse, what it means to do horseback riding, and what it means to take care of a horse

- Must love horses, and anything that involves horses' life

- Must take care of them, every day

- Must build a relationship with a horse, based on trust

- Must know that it takes time to build this relationship and effort, and that you will have to keep learning for all your life

- Don't be scared, be aware of what could happened, and understand your horse, get to know it in deep

- Must know that if you love a horse, you love it forever

To be an entrepeneur means:

- Must be passioned for what you want to create

- Must know, Without effort, you can't [even] pull a fish out of the pond, Russian proverb 

- Don't be scared, Fear is not my enemy, fear of failure is my enemy, Spanish proverb

- Must build trust among your team and everybody involved in the entreprenur adventure

- Must be patient

- Must know anything about your business, industry

- Must work everyday

- Must love what you do


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