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14 July 2010 | Posted by Students of Business and Technology

International Business Administration Degree Commencement Ceremony 2009-10

Moltes felicitats a tots. Sincere congratulations to all of you: Ola, Joerg, Mercedes, Claudio, Ismael, Linn, Ane Marie, Gabriel, Eoin, Martin, Jonas, Vedran, Nina, Petr, Bente, Carlota, Monica, Joan, Alan, Birgitte, Moha, Johann, Elisabeth, Qinlan, Helle, Badr. And, of course, to Henning who wasl not be able to join us at the Commencement Ceremony and to whom we wish a quick recovery. Congratulations to professors and to families and friends.

It was in your second year that you and I began working together. We did not know the road, but we knew where we were going and we knew how we wanted to get there. Since then, innovative projects have been implemented, including the Finance Club, the International food day and the Brussels European Union Project. New synergies have been developed with Innovation Park now known as Technova and a stronger and more consolidated student council has been formed. On behalf of the professors and myself… thank you. 
No matter the conditions out there, be it in times of economic booms or economic crises, how you confront this journey will define your professional and personal life. You have an enormous capacity to change our environment for the better. 
I would like to cite a poem from a very beloved Catalan poet, Miquel Martí I Pol, who talks about the journey:

Give me your heart, to share projects and illusions                                                                                                                         

Give me your eyes and let our desires mark our destination

Far from the uncertainty that softened our voice, our fingers comb the sea as a living and faithful symbol.

Give me your hand, give me your voice, and proclaim that there is a lot to be done; anything is possible today, let everybody everywhere know we feel an fervent desire for a better world.

As Miquel Martí Pol says: Tot està per fer i tot és possible. Congratulations!

Moltes felicitats, we will stay in touch.

Isabel Oller

This year the Best Thesis Award was for Henning Khronstad with an outstanding research paper. There were special mentions to the work of Claudio De Gregorio, Vedran Kusljugic and Joerg Arens.

Monica Mc Coy and Vedran's United Nations work were recognised as an oustanding at the Commencement Ceremony.

More detailed information about Best Thesis, Awards and Commencement Pictures soon.

Please find below Brother Miquel Àngel, La Salle Barcelona Campus Director:

Welcome students, family, friends, professors, and distinguished guests:

All roads lead to Rome (Claudio de Gregorio - Italia)

For you, Barcelona is not just a point on the map. You have come from many faraway places and have found a road to education and growth. You have dedicated yourself to studying, learning, and developing. Today we are especially pleased to be able to congratulate you for your efforts. You have worked hard and have completed the requirements for your degree. Congratulations.
This is recognition for the work completed. But it comes with two responsibilities:
First, you have assumed a debt.
Now you must repay the fruits of your work to the society to which we all belong and to your family and friends for all their efforts in supporting you. If you look back, studying and learning has been your principal responsibility; now you must look forward to your commitment to making the world a fairer place, a more welcoming place and a place committed to progress and welfare for all in wisdom and in justice. As Nicholas Roche reminds us, there is a saying in Panama that states “The shrimp that sleeps is swept away by the current”.
We know that our world needs to be transformed. We know we must develop economic relations that are more responsible, more equitable and more sustainable. This is a generational challenge in which you are directly involved because it is your time and your responsibility.
The second is that from now on you are part of La Salle.

As this school is now your school, you are also its ambassadors. You are now the face of those who have come before you, of those that remain and of those who will come in the future. The honesty in your face, the transparency of who you are and what you do--- what we all do-- will be the image that you present to those with whom you interact.
As your affection toward the school grows, so will you be valued by the people you meet.

La Salle will be as meaningful to you as you yourselves are valued and appreciated by La Salle.
Professor Dr. Kerem Ruse tells us that in Istanbul they say, "Yurtta sulh, cihanda sulh.” (This is where East and West meet.)
You, too, have had experience with persons of a range of cultures and ways of thinking. You have worked with, lived with and enjoyed yourself with people you did not know, with persons who came from different places and backgrounds from your own. You were able participate in international programs. Yet, in the end, what your professors and I are saying to you is that real growth begins within oneself. The most important values are those we develop and keep inside ourselves.

In this endeavor, you will never be alone:

"Stay together" is the motto on the seal of the La Salle family. It refers to an ancient legend of overcoming obstacles and expending great effort; these values are passed on to all the generations of alumni.
This legend is written on the rings distributed today and is commemorated in this event. One of the rings remains with you and the other will remain here among those who have preceded you and will follow you. 
"Staying together" means to know yourself and to share goals and common values.

That is the meaning of this last official event at your school.

Brother Miquel Àngel Barrabeig

Director Campus La Salle Barcelona

Ramon Llull University


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