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25 July 2010 | Posted by Students of Business and Technology

Business Administration Commencement Ceremony 2009-10

Dear Students:

You have an enormous capacity to change our environment for the better.
Thorough these four years you may have been some times disappointed, we expected better results, wanted to change different aspects of the program in general, and that was sometimes not possible and others yes. You always have had a critical and yet positive aptitude towards change and this should be welcomed.  You have learned knowledge from your classes, which are tools that you can use to meet new challenges. However, all you have struggled every day with the problems originated from living in a foreign country, changes of apartments, problems dealing with banks, issues with visa, this is an added value. It is not the first time I told you that in this aspect you are entrepreneurs, and you are creative and you know the meaning of having to fight in different ways and that learning is what is meant by life. Let me just add something more to that, in the coming years work will probably be complicated mainly due to the economic situation, interactions with your colleagues could become more complicated as expected and  in a way complex and perhaps not entirely correct. A tip to that which it works for me and regardless of religions, it is simply to love your work and to love the people you work with. Doing that will help to not be anger after discussions, and you will surprised in how people will react to that because they will trust you, which is the only way to create confidence and is what makes great teams.

Professor Chris Kennett:

Best Thesis Award 2010

Chris Kennett

"First of all, I’d like to congratulate the graduating class of 2010.

I think this has been an exceptional group that has been a pleasure to teach over the past four years. You have been professional, demanding (in different ways) and highly dedicated group of students.

It’s my pleasure to present the 2010 award for the best thesis / business plan. This final project, which is undertaken during the fourth year, is the culmination of our undergraduate studies. It is a test of the students’ individual creative, analytical and communicative skills and provides the final test before graduation.

I tried to find a suitable analogy for the final thesis process and struggled. For some it’s like being lost in a forest, which some find their way out of. For others it’s like a mountain they struggle to climb, and some conquer. I prefer to liken the thesis to an architectural project, the creation of a new building or work of art. The thesis requires creativity, inspiration, passion, planning, organization and many other skills, but in the end it is built in your image. Take away from the thesis not the grade you have been given, as this is no more than a symbol. Take away from this what you have learned in the process.

Before naming the winner of this year’s award, I’d like to give recognition to some excellent that were presented this year: Vedran for his study of Wester Balkans and European Union Gas Supply Security; Ola for his business plan for Void, a mobile and online retail venture; Joerg for his Dream Academy business plan that aims to educate entrepreneurs; and Claudio for his thesis on Debt Financing and Possible Solutions from Islamic Finance. Well done to all of you.

The award this year goes to a thesis that was truly outstanding and achieved a grade of 10 out of a possible 10. The fact that the evaluating panel stated that with a little more work it could be publishable, speaks for itself. The title of the thesis was “Suboptimal Mortgage Borrowing
Does the level of education affect households’ & individuals’ mortgage payment?” – it was far more interesting than the title sounds, believe me. The thesis was highly ambitious and involved a level of sophistication and rigor in quantitative analysis terms that far surpasses what is expected of a student at the end of his undergraduate studies. This year’s award for the best thesis goes to Henning Krohnstad." Since Henning was not able to joint us at the Commencement Ceremony, Jonas Kraft got the award in his name. We wish to Henning a quick recovery.

Professors German Aragon and Paul Fox:

"Every year a select number of BES La Salle students prepares intensively for five months to travel to New York City to participate in the National Model United Nations.
Once there the students compete for 6 days with 3000 other students from around the world.
During the last three years the following students from the 2010 graduating class have participated in this project:
Claudio di Gregorio, Helle Wiggen, Bente Malmberg, Gabriel Fonseca, Joerg Arens, Martin Grondahl, Quinlan Wheeler, Mohamar Silva, Nina Leovac, Verdan Kusljugic, Carlota Martin, Linn Engesaeth, Monica McCoy.
In addition this year we would like to recognize the special efforts of two individuals for their innovation and hard work in helping to prepare this years’ team. Vedran Kusljugic, Monica McCoy"

Students Commencement Ceremony by Carlota Martin-Mora and Gabriel Fonseca.

From La Salle to Professor John Connolly, during the Commencement Dinner,  a small token of appreciation from La Salle and the students to Professor Jonh Connolly was given to him to thank him for his contribution to the Bachelors International Business Administration Program. " More than five years of teaching at La Salle, some very strict and enlightening classes and a lot of loving students. We may not have always agreed on everything but our main and common goal has always been to provide the best education and values for our students. It would not be fair to say goodbye and not recognize his work and dedication to students.I would like to ask Mercedes Ayers to come up, and I will ask Professor John Connolly to join us as well."


Click on: // to see Commencement Ceremony pictures. If you click on: "DESCARREGA TOTA LA GALERIA EN UN ARXIU", you will download all pictures in a zip file.




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