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14 May 2014 | Posted by Students of Business and Technology

La Salle Sports Tour to London.

La Salle's sports business students have returned from an exciting trip to London, where they visited various stadiums and sports venues, and attended lectures on sports events and facilitates management. The trip also included a visit to the London 2012 Olympic park, to find out how the London Olympic committee are helping to create a legacy for the London Games.

  • Day 1: Chelsea FC & Wimbledon.

The first day of the London sports management study trip started with a guided tour on the football industry at Chelsea FC and a behind the scenes look into the management of one of football's top clubs. Photo 1-1 Wimbledon followed with a lecture on the business model behind the world's premier tennis tournament and an extensive tour of this prestigious venue. Photo 2-1

  • Day 2: a tour of the 2012 Olympic Park - the biggest new park in Europe and home to state of the art sports facilities like the Olympic stadium and velodrome.

Photo 2-2

  • Day 3: started with a trip out to Twickenham national rugby stadium. Preparations are underway for the 2015 World Cup and we were given a full tour of the venue followed by an in-depth explanation of security logistics for match days. The afternoon was spent with Marc Boixasa, alumni and now part of Manchester City's fast growing marketing department. The club's innovative strategies were discussed during a lecture.

Photo 1-3 Photo 4 Photo 2-3 Photo 3-2


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