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30 November 2014 | Posted by Students of Business and Technology

Have you met Dong?

In addition to the new category of alumni on the blog, I have decided to interview different students here on campus. Now you can get to know more about other students; such as why they decided to undertake their bachelor degree at La Salle, and what their plans for the future are.

  The first on-campus interview I carried out, was with 25 year old Dong Xu. Dong is currently in his fourth and last year at La Salle and he also manages his own business in the restaurant industry. Dong is from China, but moved to Barcelona with his family sixteen years ago. When I asked Dong why he decided to study business administration (BA) he said that even though he is currently managing his own restaurant, his true goal is to have his own company in the automotive sector. The desire to one day set up his own company was what motivated him to pursue a BA degree at La Salle. Before starting the business degree, Dong studied ICT engineering in La Salle. He wanted to continue to study in the same university to keep his friends and contacts close. He also found the international focus of the BA degree appealing; to take the classes in English and to meet students with international backgrounds was something he expected to be both challenging and beneficial. Dong enjoys La Salle and he finds the practicality of professionals with real-life experience teaching the students particularly satisfying. He also enjoys hanging out on campus and says that there is always something fun to do there despite the campus' limited size. When Dong graduates, he mostly looks forward to pursuing a career abroad. For him, it doesn't matter in which part of the globe, as long as he gets the opportunity to work in the motor-sport industry. His goal is to obtain as much experience as possible, so he can follow up his dream of starting his own company one day. When I asked Dong if he had anything else he wanted to share, he told me that he believes people should stop limiting themselves. Dong believes people should not be afraid of dreaming big, and that it is important to "get out of the building" to follow your dreams. He also believes that there is no point to following the money, and said:

"If you are passionate about something, try to be the best; once you are the best at something, people will pay you to do it."

If you want to know more about Dong, you should check out his LinkedIn profile:


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