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15 December 2014 | Posted by Students of Business and Technology

A presentation of Technova Young

Technova Young is the name of  La Salle's entrepreneurship club. The club was founded by Claudia Lopez Tena, who is currently in her third year of her bachelor degree at La Salle. Contributing to the organization of the club are also Ægir Stenarson from the second year and Carla Lloveras from the third year. Claudia has always had a passion for entrepreneurship, and during her early stages of the university, she realized that she wanted something more than the experience from the normal classes. She wanted to find some extra resources, and an motivation to make the university experience more complete. Claudia was proactive and came across initiatives such as the Founder Institute and Kairos Society. These initiatives both aim at helping entrepreneurs through the start-up phase and Claudia decided that she wanted to implement something similar here at La Salle. This way the students could have an opportunity to feed their curiosity, to develop ideas, to learn, and to have an arena where they can both take advantage of and implement what they have learned in university from their professors'  lectures. Technova Young is a personal project for Claudia, as she loves start-ups and entrepreneurship, this club has become like her small company. She sees the club as a real learning experience and believes the experience she continues to gain through the club can benefit her when she graduates. As of now, the club focuses on organizing workshops and contests related to entrepreneurship, as well as conferences both at the university and outside. The hope is to grow the club through hosting "start-up labs," where members will have a classroom in which they can talk about and develop ideas, as well as connect to professors and entrepreneurs who can help the students through the development phase. It is also a great way to build a network. Technova Young is aiming to be a student interface for Technova. Technova is one of the leading incubators for technology start-ups in Europe and it is located at the La Salle campus. La Salle is filled with entrepreneurial energy,and Technova Young wants to concentrate all this energy in one place. Technova Young is open for new contributors, both organizers and regular members. As an organizer in Technova Young you will participate in the development of the club, get in touch with promoters, work to coordinate people, and gain knowledge, experience and real-life practice.  As a regular member, you will get access to the workshops, conferences and other events, as well as the expertise from mentors and the other members that can help you develop your idea. Last year the members were also given free entrance to some parts of the Mobile World Congress. If you want to be a member of Technova Young, you have to join their Facebook page and send a message to the page. You will then receive an invitation to the private groups that only members can access.    


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