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16 December 2014 | Posted by Students of Business and Technology

Have you met Adiel?

In addition to the new category of alumni on the blog, I have decided to interview different students here on campus. Now you can get to know more about other students; such as why they decided to undertake their bachelor degree at La Salle, and what their plans for the future are. If you want to read the previous student interviews, please press here.

Last week I met up with Adiel Souid at campus. Adiel is 31 years old, half French and half Israeli, and he grew up in Israel. He is currently studying his fourth year of his bachelor degree in business administration. Adiel is curious by nature and he likes to learn new things whether that is languages, cultural aspects, or more academic theories. Also when he is not in the university, Adiel likes to both read and follow lectures on different topics. When he is not out searching for new knowledge, he likes to spend some quality time with his girlfriend or to go to the gym. When I asked Adiel why he decided to study business administration, he answered, "In my point of view, you need to manage everything in your life." He referred to everything from bank accounts, the household, to school projects and eventually business responsibilities. Therefore, Adiel wanted to study something management related, to get a wide perspective and to get familiar with tools that could benefit him in every aspect of his life. He also told me that because the degree has such a wide focus, it allows him not only to learn about management in general, but also to learn a bit of every topic that is relevant to success. Before Adiel started to study at La Salle, he had already lived in Barcelona for two years. This period was "a combination of business and pleasure." During this period, Adiel also visited different universities in Barcelona, and amongst others he visited La Salle. When he saw the football fields and people sitting around on campus talking, he felt a good vibe and he noticed that it was a colorful place. After Adiel got accepted and started to study at La Salle, he realized that it truly was a colorful university. He told me that of his best experiences from La Salle are the conversations going on in the classrooms. When he sits in class with people from USA, Morocco, Japan, Norway and Russia, it results in enriching dialogues. Adiel also feels that everyone gets socially accepted at La Salle, regardless of culture and background. He likes the fact that it is a practical university, as the students have to do a lot of presentations and group assignment and also carry out projects with real companies. Another thing Adiel likes about La Salle is the direct, flexible and at times informal atmosphere. At the campus you can always reach the professors or superiors if you have a problem, and you are always welcome to ask for advice. When I asked Adiel if he had anything negative to say about studying business and management at La Salle he revealed that, in his point of view, it is noticeable that it is a young program.  La Salle started the business and administration bachelor degree a bit more than a decade ago, but the university had already done International MBAs and Executive MBAs for two decades before that. In about six months Adiel will graduate. He sees the experience of studying for four years in an international university like a gift he gave to himself because he has always wanted to study abroad. He is very comfortable with the direction he has chosen, but he admits that it has not always been easy. The factors of a very different culture, being far away from home, and constantly communicating in a language different from his mother tongue has been a challenge, but Adiel has not regretted it. When he has graduated, he wants to narrow down his focus, to specialize in a more specific area of knowledge. He hopes to eventually find a company, through which he can bring his experience from La Salle, as well as his many languages, so he can use it in practice and possibly improve. Adiel is excited to get his professional career started and he would like to get an internship in some international organization next year.

If you want to know more about Adiel, you should check out his LinkedIn profile here.


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