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07 January 2015 | Posted by Students of Business and Technology

Let's get back to business

Welcome back everyone, and happy new year!

Today was our first day back at La Salle after the holidays, and I’m sure I was not the only one struggling. After almost three weeks of laziness, reality can be a real kick in the teeth. However, exams are approaching quickly and there is no time to slack off. There are actually only seven days of classes before exams and those days always tend to fly by. Even though we students are busy there is no reason not to check out the blog. A post on how successful people handle stress will soon be published and I think this reading can benefit us all, especially before a strenuous exam period. In addition, readers can expect an update from the Social Club and get to know what plans they have for the upcoming months. I will also soon re-visit the NMUN group to see how they are proceeding towards their trip to New York. Even though there are not many social events going on at university right now, the city of Barcelona is still full of life. This Sunday, the 11th of January, the Flea Market is once again open. The market takes place on the second Sunday of every month, and it is a great place to find vintage treasures such as jewelry, books, clothes, music and art. The market has taken place since 2007 and the philosophy is that "one man’s trash is another man’s treasure". If you want to know more about the Flea Market, you can check out their Facebook event here. If you need another break from studying it is recommended that you check out Museu Del Disseney. Admission is free until January 31st and the museum is open every single day. On Mondays the museum is open from 16:00 to 20:30, and every other day from 10:00 to 20.30.    


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