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21 January 2015 | Posted by Students of Business and Technology

Alumni: Vedran Kusljugic

A new addition to the blog this year is the alumni network. I have, and will continue to interview several professionals who graduated from La Salle. Here in the blog you can read summaries from the interviews and gain inspiration for where the degree obtained at La Salle can take you. 

26-year-old Vedran Kusljugic who is Bosnian-Croatian, graduated from La Salle in 2010. He now really enjoys working as an asset management trainee in Germany, in the energy company E.ON SE.

When Vedran graduated from La Salle he decided to pursue a master’s degree, but he already knew that he wanted to focus his professional career towards the energy industry, and he also wrote his thesis in the field.

As Vedran studied a broad range of subjects during his time at La Salle, he also got a broad knowledge of how companies function, and how they connect to ensure smooth and forward looking business operations. This helped him to develop and form an analytical and creative skill set. As analyzing and being creative is a big part of his day-to-day work, this is something he has found very useful. He also said that the skills provided by La Salle are perfect when pursuing a career in a start-up or when going into management consulting, even though this was something he didn't really hear much about during his studies. When I asked Vedran if he had any tips for the students currently studying at La Salle, he said it is clever to decide early whether you want to continue the education after having obtained the bachelor’s degree or to pursue a professional career. Both options should be researched and considered, and by beginning early you can better know your options. As for a master’s degree, you should research the possibilities and make sure you know the deadlines. If you decide to pursue a professional career, he recommends that you have clarified the field of focus that interests you, and that you have all the necessary documentation prepared.

If you would like to know more about Vedran, you can check out his LinkedIn profile here.


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