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28 January 2015 | Posted by Students of Business and Technology

Don't make any plans for the 19th of February

As of right now, I assume all you students are busy studying for your exams and preparing the presentations for the projects you have worked on during the semester. Personally, I always find the finals of the autumn semester the toughest; the combination of dark mornings and cold make it extremely difficult to get up in the morning, especially now, as I don't have to go to classes. It’s as if it becomes more difficult to avoid the snooze button every morning. Anyway, we are almost half way through the exam period and I have only three more exams before I get ready for a new semester.A new semester means new subjects, new professors, and a fresh start. When the exams finish and as we approach the new semester, the social activities at La Salle will start up again. The Social Club have told me that they are to organize a welcome party for the second semester slated to take place on the 19th of February, and I will let you know where it will take place once the Social Club has decide on the location. Unfortunately, I could not find any photos from the welcome party from the autumn semester, but below you can see some photos from last year.    1957942_10152172033757626_1538795238_o1909210_10152172041252626_1045551652_o1926223_10152172032477626_440492983_o1795973_10152172032402626_592969893_o1912311_10152172031587626_564887520_o   These welcome parties or dinners are held at the start of every semester and it is a great way to get to know the students from other classes, as well as the new exchange students that will stay at La Salle for the whole semester. Make sure you don't make any plans for the 19th of February, because you will not want to miss the party.


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