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08 March 2015 | Posted by Students of Business and Technology


If you are close to the La Salle campus on Wednesday the 11th of March, around lunchtime, you should stop by the Botifarrada!



A botifarra is a typical Catalan sausage and on Wednesday there will be a barbeque on campus where you can get botifarra sandwiches (bocadillos) and drinks. This is an old traditional event at La Salle, and it is held every year to raise money for charity.

It will take place next Wednesday 11 March from 13.00 until 15.30.

Show up, bring your friends, get a nice meal, meet some new people, and support a good cause! 

The money will go to a project called Projecte Urubamba, which is collaboration between La Salle Campus Barcelona and the UN program UNESCO Chairs (Cátedra UNESCO).

Here you can see a video from last year’s event!

See you Wednesday!


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