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30 September 2015 | Posted by Students of Business and Technology

Welcome Party

Welcome Party As every year the Social Club is organising an event to welcome all the new students from the exchange program and the first years.

The event consists of a dinner/party at Shoko, which is a club located in the Villa Olimpica next to the beach. It will take place next Thursday, October 1st. The dinner will start at 22:00 and has an open bar till 00:00 (wine, beer and soda).

The event is being sponsored by WatchOut, which is a startup from two students from the 2nd year of the business degree. They will be raffling a watch among all the participants. The welcome party is a great chance to get to know people from all over the world. It is a privilege and an honor to be able to meet people from different cultural backgrounds.

This opportunity that the university offers us is a chance not to be missed. A student from second year, Marcos Munné, has shared his thoughts about his last years experience.

"Last year, I participated in this event, as I was a first year student. At first I thought it was a normal party in which I was going to have fun with people from my class. Instead I ended up talking more with the exchange students from Sweden, Norway, Germany and many other countries. I definitely encourage people to participate in this event."

Tickets are being sold in between classes (10 minute break), in front of Olga’s office in the first floor.

It costs 20€ on Tuesday, 23€ on Wednesday and Thursday.



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