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03 November 2015 | Posted by Students of Business and Technology

Silvia Bacquelaine

Ray Castello and Laura Trullas, two of Silvia Bacquelaine’s closest friends, have shared their thoughts about Silvia and what she was like



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When you say “Silvia Bacquelaine,” what comes to mind first is her angelic face and spectacular blonde hair. She was known as “la rubia” and she didn’t like to follow rules if she didn’t believe in them. Plus, she was smarter than you can imagine and she had such a roguish smile that always made it difficult to say “no” when she asked for something. Unstoppable. Maybe that’s an appropriate word to define her because if you think about it, you’ll see that what makes someone unstoppable is their inner strength, the capacity to overcome boundaries, to get rid of their own inhibitions. That was easy for her because she had a clear goal in her mind. Silvia’s objective was to live as if there were no tomorrow. She was an example of someone who believes that life is a present.

She had an amazing will to live. She demonstrated this every day by enjoying every second of her life, by putting minor issues aside, by always smiling at you even if she didn’t know you well. She didn’t judge you. Indeed, she was an irrepressible soul, and she was able to transmit her happiness to you and show you how much is hidden behind walls and how much is to be discovered. She was like a dove that learned to fly alone by assuming the risk of falling. But she actually didn’t stop to think twice about something because she was so confident with herself that she didn’t need to.

She was always moved by impulses and strong emotions, like Nacho Thomassen, one of her best friends who also died in the accident. Silvia was what I call a free soul. She was like a beautiful bird who flew high and without fear. She was unstoppable and she woke up every day with a positive mind, like she was going to eat the world!

Every time we were together she lit up my day, she gave me the strength to do new things, to lose my fear and enjoy every day as if it were my last.   It’s impossible to explain the life, the magic that she exuded, her roguish smile, her loud laugh, her positive energy. But apart from that, she was so generous with everybody, she was always ready to help others. She also had big dreams, big plans to do in life.

She was starting to create something that she loved and put a lot of effort into it: her Instagram account. She was really committed to it and worked hard to be successful. And she did it! She had almost 23,000 followers and was really influencing others with her style and photos. She was very proud of it and she also deserved it.

Silvia was this beautiful bird that showed me that what counts in life are the simple things, living day by day and enjoying every part of it. It’s about losing your fear and achieving your goals. It’s laughing, loving and being positive. That’s what she taught me and this is why I’ll never forget her because Silvia showed me how to really value and appreciate life.

We will always remember you, Silvia.


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