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17 November 2015 | Posted by Students of Business and Technology

LaSalle courses - Smart Society clinic Almere (Amsterdam Metropolitan Area)

A couple of weeks ago, LaSalle offered a trip to Almere to participate in a Smart city Seminar. The students that went had the opportunity to present a project that consisted on building an intelligent lamp based on the concept of the internet of things (IOT). A student who attended to the stage wrote to us a brief overview of his personal experience: “La Salle gave us the opportunity to travel to Almere and participate in a Smart City Seminar.
The course wasn't what we expected at all. The participants were qualified professionals and knew a lot of things about Smart Cities. We went to learn the basics and ended discussing real plans and projects related to the future of the city. The programm was perfectly organized and the engineering and arquitecture team in charge of the planning, designing and development of the whole city were who gaves us the full course.
I really encourage students to join future abroad courses. It's a small life experience that helps you to develop your skills, your knowledge, maje connections and visit new cultures.”

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