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18 April 2023 | Posted by angela.tuduri

Business and Technology: The Digital World Opportunities

The 21st century - increasingly technological and digitized - has enabled companies and organizations around the world to improve their efficiency and productivity by reaching much wider and more diverse audiences. 

The digital transformation process opens a new window for today's businesses, favoring the collection and analysis of information in real time. In this way, we improve decision making and, therefore, the capacity to respond to new market needs. 

Emerging technologies associated with digital transformation such as Big Data, artificial intelligence, or machine learning -among others- facilitate communication between customers and suppliers, achieving a stronger proximity with the consumer, allowing them to know more about it and thus improve satisfaction, expanding the business to new frontiers and continents. 

In this article, you will discover the importance of information technology in today's business. Read on! 

Doing business in the digital age: How technology has become a star ally 

The technology field is growing by leaps and bounds, and technology has already become a necessary tool for business success. Information technologies have facilitated the availability of critical business data. 

Data allows us to contrast real situations in order to make informed decisions. These technologies support and help us make decisions from a more rational perspective to avoid certain biases in decision making.”

- Xavier Vilasís, Principal Investigator of the Smart Society Research Group and Director of the Master's Degree in Date Science at La Salle URL

There are many advantages offered by the use of technology in business. From the selection of data and information online, to the expansion of the market and its global reach. On the other hand, technology also allows companies to reduce waiting times for suppliers and customers, thus improving the quality of services, user experience and customer satisfaction. 

Many companies are already starting to implement new business models that are increasingly technological and digital. Amazon, for example, rose to success by using technologies that made it possible to personalize the customer's shopping experience. The Volkswagen Group multinational, SEAT in its case, performs on-demand production; planning and optimizing products tailored to the customer.  

Another success story would be Airbnb, achieving great success by using technology to connect travelers with accommodation hosts around the world, creating a new business opportunity in the travel industry.  

Technology trends in today's business world  

In this context, business models are undergoing an unprecedented digital revolution. Many companies and organizations are already adopting digital techniques and tools to achieve their objectives efficiently and quickly.  

Information technologies are today the fundamental tool in business development. In this sense, whoever is able to take advantage of the information and make it flow is the one who will gain the competitive advantage”

- Xavier Vilasís, Principal Investigator of the Smart Society Research Group and Director of the Master's Degree in Date Science at La Salle URL

Some of the trends emerging in 2023 are:  

Big Data and Data Analytics  

Understanding and analyzing the data obtained, and doing so in real time, is undoubtedly one of the greatest advances in business models. This branch is responsible for capturing, organizing, maintaining and exploiting the information provided by data. When we are faced with the 4Vs: velocity, volume, variety and value, the technological challenge is greater: it is what we call Big Date. 

Internet of Things (IoT)  

In an increasingly connected world, adapting to online business is becoming an indispensable weapon. Using network-connected devices and gathering information is one of the main objectives of this latest technological revolution.  

Artificial intelligence and machine learning 

Obtaining data and information to help us understand our audience and offer them personalized services is -without a doubt- one of the greatest advances of the decade. The disruption of AI has allowed us to modify and streamline existing processes in a company through automation and efficiency improvements.  

Artificial intelligence, digital transformation, robotics and automation. To adapt to these trends, companies have to do strategic planning and investment in technology and staff training.”

- Marc Rivero, coordinator of La Salle-URL's Master's Degree in Computer Security

In short, the combination of digital technology aspects in the business environment is now an unavoidable necessity when starting a business. Technology is becoming the core of companies, and it is the experts and professionals who must take advantage of the information to gain a competitive advantage in today's market.  

Challenges for businesses in the digital era  

What are the challenges we face with this new perspective?  

  • Identify the technological needs: each company must identify its technological needs and make the most of the opportunities it offers. What are the core technologies that help information flow within the company? 

  • Adaptation to technological changes: once the technological needs of the company have been identified, we will adapt the tools and techniques to optimize and streamline processes. In this aspect, it will be important to keep the infrastructures intact for the collection and processing of information.   

  • Cybersecurity and information privacy: finally, the ability to keep data and information (customers and employees) secure in the digital era is gaining ground and importance. Establishing security measures and policies -including professional profiles with expertise in this area- also becomes a challenge in 2023.  

Measures being implemented to prevent and mitigate risks include the use of security software and antivirals, training staff to identify security threats, implementing security policies and conducting regular security audits.”

- Marc Rivero, coordinator of La Salle-URL's Master's Degree in Computer Security

The future of technology in business 

The advance of new information technologies revolutionizes the way we do business, allowing us to automate and personalize services that improve the user experience in the digital environment.  

To achieve a good technological adaptation, companies must know the digital needs and the know-how that will take advantage of the data collected. It is important to have trained professionals who can make reasoned and coherent decisions with the information. In this aspect, new profiles appear such as data scientist, data analyst, data engineer, cybersecurity expert... that help to optimize actions and achieve better results by adapting technologies to their businesses.   

Students have the opportunity to develop their skills and competencies to lead the labor market, with theoretical and practical training that allows them to adapt to new technological trends.”

- Marc Rivero, coordinator of La Salle-URL's Master's Degree in Computer Security

Understanding today's challenges and expanding technology training is the next step. At La Salle-URL we have pioneering and innovative technology programs that focus all their efforts on training the next generation of technology experts capable of leading the businesses of the future.  




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