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02 December 2019 | Posted by Digital Analytics Team

Digital marketing strategies applied to board games

In this article we can see the relationship between the strategy to be followed in digital marketing compared to board games.


Steps to follow to focus digital marketing on board games.


The first question that comes to mind is how to implement a good digital marketing strategy. There are many strategies used to apply marketing to board games, but the only problem is that the majority of table game users are children who do not use social networks and it is difficult to reach them. To analyze the digital marketing strategy, we can approach it in different ways, whether it be from selling to parents in Christmas seasons, or promoting board games through games of smartphones and / or computers.


Next, the steps to follow when making a digital marketing strategy will be shown, and will develop the different methods of promoting a digital marketing strategy to consumers.


Essential tips for an effective marketing strategy and an effective game strategy:


1- You can't win with a move

Neither in games nor in business, no one has won the game or the customer with just one move. In this we can refer for example to the four in grating, the first pieces put the base to be able to give the four in line, in marketing the first steps are to make you known and not to close sales. Nor can you pretend to dominate the market overnight.


2- You must use all your resources

In this section we can refer very clearly to chess (a type of board game). Many people use the bishops, while other players use the towers. However, the best chess players use all their pieces to attack the opponent. In digital marketing strategies is the same, and more in digital marketing: it is essential to use all the tools that the internet provides us to attract the customer.


3- Sacrifice a piece is fine, it is part of the strategy

The art of sacrifice is part of the mechanism of board games and digital marketing. In chess, many players are afraid of losing any piece, which makes them vulnerable to the other pieces. In marketing it is the same, those who use the strategy of losing money at the beginning of the sales process and then ending with a better sales closing, have the clear long-term strategy.

To conclude with this article, we can say that the relationship between board games and the digital marketing strategy is clear and concise. Many of the tactics used in board games are also used in digital marketing strategies, as we have seen previously. We could say, therefore, that the skilled player with board games would have more strategic capacity to value a study or a strategic digital marketing campaign.



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