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01 March 2018 | Posted by Equipo Editorial de PhD

Mr. Enric Peña’s Thesis Lecture

Author: Peña Camarillas, Enric

Director: PhD. Fonseca Escudero, David

Codirector: PhD. Martí Audí, Núria Date:  9th of March of 2018

Hour: 11.00 AM

Tribunal: PhD. Redondo Domínguez, Ernesto; PhD. Villagrasa Falip, Sergi; PhD. Conde González, Miguel Ángel.

Analytical approach of the Technical Architecture and Building Final Degree Project. Optimization and relation of the learning activities with the main professional competences demanded by the professional sector and the Society

Both, the degree of Technical Architecture and Building (current terminology), as well as the professional attributions related to the studies, have undergone constant evolution and changes since their first reviews. Recently, the terminology changes, the modifications of the Academic Plans, as well as the global crisis, that has affected especially the construction sector in Spain, has generated a fall in university degree students.

This decrease has also affected the degree of Technical Architecture and Building, but it still maintains a high rate of employment incorporation of its students, compared to other related studies such as Architecture. In a context like the one we are dealing with, it is essential to optimize the teaching activities in order to obtain graduates who contemplate in their CV the main professional capacities demanded by the sector and society, and a high qualification and assimilation of them.

As the teaching activities evolve and improve, it will allow the students a better incorporation, something essential in a currently very competitive environment in the building professional sector, and the universities themselves. The present thesis provides an analytical study of the variables that characterize one of the most important subjects of the degree: the Final Project.

The aim is to analyze the degree of student preparation that is based on a set of variables associated with the development of the PFG and relate to the learning activities defined in it, and with the main professional capacities demanded by the building sector.

Beyond subjective perception and foundations based on the experience of professionals, the research provides an innovative approach capable of identifying, analyzing and re-ordering a series of variables and activities in order to improve the studies of Technical Architecture and Building, laying the foundation for future validations in other Spanish Schools as well as in other technical degree studies.


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