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05 December 2018 | Posted by Digital Analytics Team

How to assess if your content marketing strategy is a success?

Content marketing strategy

When it comes the moment to start planning a content marketing strategy it may sound an easy task to do, as your main task and objective is to attract the prospects making an appealing content for them, making content and increase your branding by at the end create generate a lead..That's basically briefly what content marketing is isn't it? Well it's not that easy as it seems, Harvard Business Review article by Frank V.Cespedes and Russ Heddleston stated: “The average viewing time for content is 2 minutes and 27 seconds. During that brief period, prospects are making many rapid-fire judgments, including whether or not they will move to the next step”. So as you can see you have really short time to make the best impression, it could make the difference between making  a sale or not. But how to really see or measure how successful is your content marketing strategy in order to see how are you doing?

Simple metrics to measure your content marketing strategy

Lets move to business!  An useful tool that might help you a lot in this task is Google Analytics ,click to the link to see more info ;)

According to Marchet Advisor the 5 metrics that really matter are:

Consumption metrics (First overview)

We start from the basic in order to have an starting overview looking for how many viewers is having our content and how much time on average are spending in our page/s. So you may look to page views, average time, number of users.

Retention metrics (Tracking your content)

The next step you should track your content and how well your content is able to retain the users. Are they coming back? How often? So you may look to bounce rate, new users,  returning visitors.

Engagement metrics (Are you appealing?

How appealing is your content? You may look to click through rate, social media engagement, shares  and comments.

Lead metrics (The final and top priority)

At the end what we are pretending with our content marketing is lead generation as you want to change this views into revenues. You may look to conversion rate,newsletter un/subscribers.

The most useful tools alternative to Google Analytics

Another tools that are really useful to analyse our performance in our content marketing strategy are:

If you need to know more about it I would recommend you to look to this article from Digital Marketing Institute.

I hope that it helped you to have different options and tools to help you looking to your content marketing strategy. Remember is important to build properly a content marketing strategy but also to measure it to at the end get the best results possible.



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