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21 November 2018 | Posted by Digital Analytics Team

Influencer marketing - how to change consumer behaviour?

When it comes to promoting your product or brand, most managers choose the traditional, old-fashioned ways of advertising which are not efficient anymore in Digital Era. Nowadays when the information can be transmitted so rapidly and the daily basis platform for communicating in Web is social networks, modern businesses use Influencer Marketing as a sophisticated content marketing tool of turning the tables in society’s favors and increasing ecommerce revenues.

Influencer Marketing is a simple interaction between Influencer, a respectable figure in social network, and his or her followers who are advised to try a product or service via Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Blogspot and etc. Put simply, Influencer Marketing is a mixture of word of mouth and TV advertisement, but modified to a real, non-depersonalized, social communication, equipped with a will to imitate and enlarged on a thousands of followers’ scale.

Influencer Marketing requires a proper usage

The power of Influencers’ preferences should not be underestimated by managers and recent events on social media prove that on day-to-day basis. This February Kylie Jenner made the Snapchat stock sharply drop in price on 1,3 billion USD in 1 day by a brief Tweet consisted from just a couple of innocent sentences.

Meanwhile, an Australian fresh meal company Youfoodz had started Influencer campaign. To promote their winter menu, they made a deal with 81 leveraging Instagram influencers relevant to health, fitness and food niches. With at least 2 pieces of content and 2 Instagram stories from each blogger Youfoodz elaborate Influencer campaign has grabbed 70 000 direct engagements, 507 909 impressions from the content and reached almost 1,5 million people across Facebook and Instagram.

As soon as every user of social network with a considerable number of followers can both destroy your business and raise your sales on the highest level, you as a manager should better be familiar with Influencer Marketing, the main players on its field, and the benefits it can bring. Although it’s kind of impossible to properly identify the most influential personas on any platform due to strong correlation between the affection extent and the niche which blogger operates in, author of Werner Geyser has come up with a list of the most authoritative Instagram celebrities.

Top 5 Worldwide Influencers in 2018:

1. Huda Kattan @hudabeauty – the most influential beauty blogger in the World in New York Times’ opinion;

2.  Cameron Dallas @camerondallas – Internet personality, lifestyle blogger;

3. Zach King @zachking – filmmaker, internet personality;

4. Michelle Lewin @michelle_lewin – fitness guru, model;


5. Chiara Ferragni @chiaraferragni – fashion blogger, it-girl, fashion designer.

The celebrities like Kim Kardashian and all members of her famous family, Selena Gomez, Beyonce and others are not mentioned on the list, although their accounts have the biggest numbers of followers.  The power of their influence is made only by celebrity status and the large audience they can speak to. While Influencer Marketing is originally built on the Instagram prowess, achieved trust of your followers and experience in a restricted niche. Moreover, they as undoubtedly the most powerful influencers are unreachable for small and medium sized business which are in need to develop and advertise their brand within Influencer Marketing tools.

How to start Influencer Marketing Campaign for your business?

If you desire now to take all the benefits from Influencer Marketing to develop your business and force your product and modify consumer behaviour, you should better take in consideration a few tips.

1. Decide on the platform and area that suits your product or service.

Instagram is the most impactful platform to advertise almost any kind of products and services especially beauty products, clothes – in beauty and fashion accounts due to visuality; places, delivery services – lifestyle blogs; food products, diet food, sport nutrition - fitness and cooking blogs.

Youtube channels is an excellent alternative to Instagram, if you need a detailed observation of your product or service including the impression, testing the product and active advertising rather than just a brief visual mentioning in Insta Story. Youtube also might be irreplaceable platform for promoting computer games, restaurants and cafes, cleaning  services and beauty procedures.

You should not underestimate Twitter Influencers because even short comment about your product can change the way and the speed of developing your business as it did in the case with Snapchat and Kylie Jenner. However, it’s not very fruitful channel to promote products that require a visual impression.

Social Networks as Facebook are more about communication rather than Content Marketing, but in some restricted niches related to hobbies it can be quite helpful for proliferating information about your brand.

2. Which influencers are affordable for your business to modify behavior of consumers?

All influencers can be divided on 2 groups: reachable and unreachable. The more followers and influence capabilities blogger has, the bigger price might be required for product-placement or direct advertisement, so the budget issues should also be taken in consideration. Moreover, successful Influencer Marketing campaign involves a lot of niche bloggers with average audiences rather than one or two highly followed celebrities with expensive content. Niche influencers are more related with their followers, they have achieved trust and loyalty of these people and that’s why it’s easier to affect their preferences. The conversion rate is simply higher for those accounts.  You will gain more transactions and achieve recognizability of your brand by spreading the information about your product among different audiences rather than by investing all your money in one piece of content in a single account even if it’s followed by millions of people.

In case if the brand is very small and for now the business does not operate big sums of money, you can play with your real customers’ influence. Why don’t you offer them a discount for posting a recommendation of your product on their Instagram?

3. What type of content suits your brand perfectly?

Most of the times pure intrusive advertisement does not work, therefore it’s essential to find a right way of presenting your brand. It depends on a particular influencer and his or her way of communicating with followers, but the main idea is to create an advertisement which is:

  • unobvious;
  • seems almost occasional;
  • entertaining;
  • remarkable;

The best and the most win-win one is when a follower may not even notice that a particular piece of content is paid due to its excellent quality and your company is putting its claws to modify his behaviour.

Although there are a lot of details should be taken in consideration, Influencer Marketing might be unbelievably efficient and productive if the advantages it gives are properly implemented in Content Marketing Campaign. Nowadays, when society’s preferences can be so easily affected by a bunch of bloggers, why would you better display written advertisements or give away handouts on the streets? This article is supposed to turn the tables in your views of Content Marketing, do you feel influenced?

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