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22 March 2023 | Posted by angela.tuduri

La Salle-URL at the E-Show Barcelona: highlights of the event

The Barcelona E-Show brings together more than 8,000 eCommerce and digital marketing professionals in its 40th edition.

The leading B2B eCommerce and retail event in Spain -and Europe- brings together industry professionals to share current market trends.  

During March 7 and 8, attendees explored the more than 150 exhibiting companies and had the opportunity to attend more than 100 presentations by industry professionals and leaders.  

La Salle-URL participated as a guest speaker in "Entrepreneurship in eBusiness" with Santiago Sanchez, director of the eBusiness area and Alex Abril and Esteve Lombart, alumni of the eCommerce program and founders of Acqustic and Flipo Eyewear

Find out about the latest news and trends in the digital marketing and e-commerce sector in this post! 

Digital transformation: E-Show more technological than ever before 

Technologies are taking over, and practically all organizations and companies have been incorporating - for some years now - tools and techniques to optimize and improve the performance of digital platforms

66% of the Spanish population shopped online in 2021”

- Statista

With a space dedicated exclusively to digital marketing -technology for marketing- this year E-Show has included for the first time the themes Big Data & IA Word Barcelona, FBA Show and Prestashop Village; referring to the imminent use of technologies in the professional field.  

E-Show revolves around e-commerce and digital marketing, becoming a meeting point for professionals and expert managers in the sector. Through case studies and knowledge capsules, current trends are advanced.  

The event welcomes eCommerce directors, marketing managers, CEOs, consultants... opening up opportunities for networking and collaboration between companies.  

E-AWARDS 2023 

The E-AWARDS recognize the innovations made by the country's leading companies. Differentiated by categories such as best app, best eCommerce of the year, best omnichannel project -among others- they highlight the excellence and leadership of professionals in the sector.  

This year, the awards and winners were:  

  • Best App - Blablacar 

  • Best CMO - Marta Gil - Conforama  

  • Best crossborder eCommerce - Schneider electric 

  • Best eCommerce executive - Juan Garrido - Drim 

  • Best eCommerce of the year - Vinoselección 

  • Best market place - Manomano 

  • Best omnichannel project - Kiabi 

  • Best eCommerce startup - Winekata 

Automation, personalization and artificial intelligence, keys to digital marketing success at E-Show Barcelona   

Trends show us the steps to follow in any field or sector. In this sense, artificial intelligence, omnichannel, and automation are positioned as key aspects for 2023.  

The level of sophistication increases, and artificial intelligence manages to connect users by offering personalized advertising that adjusts to the consumer's interests and analyzes the data to select the best option.  

Another current trend in e-commerce and digital marketing will be omnichannel. This concept offers a seamless and consistent shopping experience across all channels-including social media, web, mobile, and physical store.  

Personalization will also be key to improving customer experience. Organizations will use data analytics to personalize content and increase e-commerce sales, offering the user a unique experience in every way.  

La Salle-URL at E-show: how to launch  a startup smoothly

The event, which brings together, features industry experts participating in a two-day exchange of knowledge and new perspectives.  

Among the participants of this 40th edition, we had Santiago Sanchez, director of the eBusiness area at La Salle-URL leading the session Entrepreneurship in eBusiness, along with Esteve Lombart and Alex Abril, CEOs and founders of startups Acqustic and Flipo Eyewear.  

Acqustic and Flipo Eyewear - the future of eCommerce  

Esteve Lombart, CEO of Acqustic, defines the startup as a platform for musicians, industry companies and music lovers.  

We want to be the ones to help them manage their own career and discover opportunities.”

- Esteve Lombart, CEO and founder of Acqustic

Founded in 2017, it is the perfect platform to find concerts, inspiration, interviews... and which also offers the opportunity to connect artists with organizations in the sector. Through the web platform and app, Acqustic offers the tools and means to boost the careers of more than 3,000 artists and bands.  

FLiPO Eyewear, created by Alex Abril in 2021, is the first brand that manages to develop 100% modulated glasses in a transformable and innovative, sustainable and high quality product.  

We have created a technologically advanced product with a really low impact on the environment thanks to its sustainable modularity.”

- Alex Abril, CEO and founder of FLiPO Eyewear

Offering the user the possibility of combining and designing custom-made eyewear, FLiPO launches collections and drops that allow them to continue innovating the product and developing - by the way - fully interchangeable eyewear at the click of a button.  

La Salle-URL leading the eCommerce revolution for over 20 years  

During the E-Show Barcelona event, both had the opportunity to present their projects and tell -from experience- the path and process of entrepreneurship when developing a brand. Dedication, effort and adaptation -technological, above all- were the keys. In addition to preparation and strategy, Alex and Esteve explained how they were trained to execute and launch Acqustics and FLiPO, reaching the current success.  

The need to transform technologically, adapt to the new times and offer an omnichannel experience were undoubtedly the most repeated key points during the E-Show event.  

Alex and Esteve, La Salle-URL alumni in the Master  in eCommerce and Digital Marketing had the opportunity, along with Santiago Sanchez, to talk about the rapid growth of e-commerce and the opportunities this offers in the creation and development of startups.  


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